Credit: Rae Kae

There is a controversial topic arising in the conversations among internet civilians. Anti-Feminism. Led by women! Most people respond to this becoming opinion in a negative way. Especially feminists. What is Anti-Feminism? What do anti-feminists do? Why are they not rooting for feminism? There are so many questions to be answered, that websites such as Tumblr are full of anti feminists and feminists alike are running around like chickens, bocking words which won't solve a thing. 

The main idea of anti feminism is that we don't believe in feminism anymore. Not for our american culture anyways. We don't want to be connected with a group in which people think negatively about. Feminists tend to be loud about their opinion. Some have very strong opinions, or should I say, radical opinions. We understand that not every feminist is a radical feminist. But that's how most of the world views them. This is because radical feminists are the loudest, and therefore, the public peoples are mostly aware of just them. Therefore, we don't want to be connected to them. 

We believe women in our culture are now equal to men. We do appreciate all the hard work our elder family members had to do to get us this far. But we are free from an unequal society and want to spread our wings and stop being victims to, well, everything. Feminism is passed its time, and women are starting to wake up to that idea. We want to look over at our men and say, we're equals and I most certainly don't hate you for being a man. 

Many feminists give off a harsh "I hate men" vibe. This may not be true for all fems out there, but when that idea is expressed, it doesn't feel so great, to men or the women who love them.

Many anti-feminists believe feminism has gone of it's rocker. They victimize all women, including the ones who don't want to be. They are opinionated and literally will not let you disagree with them. They continually contradict their movement by using slurs and threats to those who disagree with them. Who wants to be apart of that?

Anti-feminists, in my opinion are rather passive. We have our groups and talk about our opinions. But we aren't rude about it. I have scoured the net for any sort of misbehavior from anti-feminists, and they are really just people expressing their opinion to each other. Even when they are scorned or name called, they just calmly tell the feminists that their bullying is contradicting their movement. 

So, here are some rebates to statements made by feminists. 

If feminism isn’t about hating men then how come so many feminists hate men? Why aren’t they fighting for men’s rights too? This is an important question. Men have rights taken away from them as well. For example, in a divorce, judges tend to give custody to women instead of men. They are forced to pay alimony and child support and when they can't due to financial faults, which then results in people calling them "runaway fathers". Domestic violence  and even rape against men is laughed at and ignored even though it is just as serious of an issue.

Something very noticeable about the anti-feminism community is, we are not forcing anyone to follow us. We talk about it and invite people to join us, whether they agree or not. But we most certainly are not name calling or hurting anyone who does not believe in our journey. 

Some feminists talk about the "memes" "demeaning" women. For example, there exists a meme which states "get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich". Many women take offence to it, as it displays a reality from the middle of the 1900's when women were glorified maids. However, we obviously do not live in this culture anymore. This joke is really all in good fun. There does exist jokes about men. For example, many people joke about a man's genitals as being to small. Things like "size does matter" are said most likely more then the sandwich meme. These joke truly aren't meant to harm anyone.

People talk about gender stereotypes and how it's sexist to raise a child in a certain gender. However, no one is forcing men and women to choose to be their respective stereotype. Those who aren't happy with their gender are able to change to what their comfortable with. I'm talking about the transgender folks. It's a hard process. As a people, we are getting closer to supporting them more and more. But just because there are people not happy with their sex type, doesn't mean everyone is. You don't see all girls wearing pink all the time. Lot's of women play sports. Our gender lines are not as formed as some might think.  However, if they choose a field that fits a gender stereotype, they are just appreciating our gender differences. 

A big part of the feminists discussion is cat calling or what some feminists might call, "sexual harassment". If a man says something to a woman in the street, it's usually a compliment. Maybe it's not always in the gentle or subtle ways some women prefer. But the recipient is most certainly are not being harassed. This is one of the ways we are not victims. There is a very big difference between being touched and being told you have the most gorgeous ass they've ever seen. 

My most favorite argument about feminism is about how only women are objectified. This is completely false. For example, everyone knows that in order to be a model, you must be extremely skinny. They even photo-shop healthy looking women to look more skinny. However, men are ordered to be athletic, muscular, and attractive just as much. In fact their looks are scrutinized more then women, as they are not required to wear harsh make up including contour. Even out of the fashion industry, most women prefer a muscular and attractive male.

This is a discussion that is getting noticed. I'm very interested in it. Just remember, everyone is allowed their own opinion, even if it doesn't match yours.