We've all heard that the Bees in North America and Europe are all disappearing... but why? Well, I might have news for you - they were hiding in my BBQ!

I was planning on using my BBQ this weekend, and figured I might as well clean it out before hand since it had been a while since I last used it.

I have known there were bee's coming from under the cover so I thought I'd kill them, obviously...

Here is the BBQ in question:

And my Bee Bomb! Preferred weapon of Bee destruction.
insect bomb

Ultimate bee bomb delivery method:
bomb on rake

The bomb was super loud. I could hear it even after I set it off and ran around the corner of my house. This is what I saw as I walked back:


bee corpses

Uh oh... what do we have here?
bbq honeycomb

20mm mass grave of bees
mass grave

a honeycomb 2

a honeycomb 3

a honeycomb 4

a honeycomb 5

flipped honeycomb