Google has become a household name when it comes to search engines. It has become synonymous to the word search. At home, even my 9-year-old daughter use the words "Google it" when what she actually meant was "look for it".

I've signed up at MyLot a while ago (I can't recall exactly when but it was last year). It was only this July when I came back and started to participate a little in the discussions. (By the way MyLot is a wonderful community where you can also earn from the posts or contributions you give to the forum.) Last month, I started to participate and only then did it become a daily habit.

Since I've been actively using the site, I experimented using their search engine. The search results were impressive. I'm not saying that it gives exactly the same results as Google's but it was already impressive enough. If only the MyLot community will patronize it, it may become a big thing after all. So whenever I need to search for something or if there's anything I need to know, I use MyLot already. It was my way of showing my loyalty to the site. And there's more to it! A MyLot member even gets rewarded for using the search engine. Now a little more cash is a real plus!

So now I tell my daughter to "MyLot it" and not "Google it".

Not a member of Mylot yet? There are a lot to do at MyLot and what's more, you'll earn from doing any of the following:

  1. Start or Respond To Discussions. You get paid to participate in the discussions. If you start a discussion or respond to a discussion. Your posts must be of quality. Throwing out directly a question is not really a good start. You also need to explain or mention a bit how you've come up with such question. You can even earn for arguing. You just need to make your point/s clear and with tact. "You should give your best effort to respond with quality responses."
  2. Upload Photos. You get paid to upload your photos. If the community will use your photos, you also earn from it.
  3. Use Search Engine. Use the search engine. What other search engine would give back or at least share with its users what they earned.
  4. Refer People. You bring people to the community and if they also participate, you will earn 25% of their earnings.
  5. Do Tasks. Do small tasks such as signing up to a site, writing an ad, commenting on blogs, etc which pay you from $0.01 to $0.05. These are currently on the list.

The MyLot community is wonderful! It's a place where people help people. I never even thought of really looking for referrals from there. In my experience, if one becomes a MyLotter, there is already that sense of belonging to a group and wanting to help since you'll find in the discussions that the people tend to offer help. I even got a referral from there for a Traffic Exchange site. A fellow Mylotter wanted to sign up at a site and she opened a discussion that she needs an upline. I've never been happier with a community. It only happens at MyLot!