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Headaches suck! Everyone knows that. When I get headaches I feel like I am going to explode. When they are right above my eyes they hurt the most.

The pain is usually sharp and nauseating.

The bad thing is, they sneak up on you. One moment you are completely concentrating on something and everything seems fine, the next moment you are in excruciating pain. So I say again, headaches suck.

Finally I get a grip and I remember what to do. A sort of check list, if you will, to get rid of that damn nuisance.

It does take me a few minutes to get past that realization that my head is not going to stop hurting on its own. But this check list hasn’t failed me yet so let me give it to you and see if we can’t stop your headache.

Don’t say I didn’t try to help!

Drink Some Water

 The very first thing I do is drink some water. A lot of the times our bodies are low on fluids and need to be replenished. An early sign of dehydration is a headache. Don’t be fooled by the word dehydration. Many people dehydrate faster than you think. Don’t mess around! Also, water is a great hunger depressant.

Eat Some Food

When you go awhile without eating, your blood sugar drops. I am not talking about people with diabetes or some disease. The fact is, when we don’t eat, we lose energy in the form of sugar. Our bodies use sugar for energy and without it, our bodies shut down. Many times headaches are a result of not eating enough during that day. Eat Food, it helps!

Dark Room

For me, I can’t stand to be in a dark room. However, my wife is able to deal with her headaches by locking herself in a dark room like our bedroom and drown out all the sound. This technique has been used for ever, especially for people who have migraines. For example: Abraham Lincoln’s wife would lock herself in a dark room all day long. People then thought she was crazy, but the reality was she had migraines and the only way to feel better was to shut the light and sound off.


I have had great success with this. Whether you are on your own or have someone else do it, message your temples and the pain goes away. If you do it yourself, take your middle fingers and apply pressure in a circular motion to your temples on your forehead. When you have someone else do this for you, lie down on your back and make sure you are comfortable. Have the person message your temples at a pressure that you feel is soothing.

Take The Medicine

Do any of you have a friend who is the … “Matyr?” You know, the person who refuses to take medicine while they are in extreme pain. I can’t figure them out. You have to be an idiot not to use the headache medicine that our medical system has to offer. If you have a friend who has a headache, or maybe it is you, and won’t take the medicine, look at them and say …

Take the Medicine and Shut Up!