Quick And Easy Personal Loans For Good Credit

If you have good credit and need a personal loan quick, there are plenty of options out there for you to consider. Good credit, low interest personal loans may not be as popular online  as bad credit personal loans.  Bad credit personal loans have a huge market online and so it may seem as if there is nothing available to you just because you have prime credit or good credit. 

Those looking for good credit loans may be surprised to find out that there are a great deal of resources for people who have bad credit such as people with bad credit looking to:

However, it's not because there are a lot more of these types of personal loans for people with bad credit online, it's that people with good credit can get loans easier through conventional sources.  If you have good credit, you can walk into practically any bank, credit union or other financial institution and get a personal loan with your good credit.  However, for those who need a personal loan quickly, they may need to look into online resources who may be able to get them a personal loan within 24 hours.  So while looking online, you may see a lot of personal loans for people with bad credit, which comes with a much higher interest rate, however, there are those lenders who you can apply to online to get you money quickly.
Good credit lenders will often lend you money at an excellent interest rate and more reasonable monthly payment terms.  Regardless of the many advertisements you see online, it is still much easier for you, a person with good credit, to get a personal loan.  Your credit speaks for itself.  There may not be as many lending willing to give you "instant cash" or "instant credit" because their standards for lending may be a little higher than those lenders who lend to people with bad credit.  However, as stated above, you can still find good credit lenders who will lend you quick cash fast!

Personal Loans For People With Good Credit

Prosper.com Personal Loans For People With Good Credit

Prosper.com is a Peer-To-Peer lending resource.  The service connects those who need to borrow money with those who want to lend it. This process cuts out the banking system and lets private lenders deal directly with borrowers.  Prosper.com works similar to buy now pay later merchants who cut out the financial and banking systems and works directly with their customers who wish to buy on credit. Prosper borrowers can list from $2000 to $25,000 in personal loan requests and investors can invest as little as $25.  The entire process is automated by Prosper.com so all you do is list, get funded and pay back your loan.

Prosper's low interest personal loan start at about 6.5 percent interest rate.  Their personal loan rates go up to about 35 percent so they also service those who's credit may be blemished.  They have recently raised their credit score requirements so those with really bad credit may no longer be able to qualify for a prosper loan. 

To use Prosper.com to get you good credit personal loan, you do the following:

  • Create A Listing- You enter the amount of the good credit personal loan you wish to borrow.  Also include how long you wish to have the loan for and other pertinent details. The process of "creating a listing" should only take a few minutes. You also include a brief description of why you need to borrow the money. Prosper.com will then assign your listing a rating based on your credit score.
  • Raise The Funds You Need- Investors will then see your listing and invest in your loan.  You could have one investor who fund you completely, or you could have several investors who make up the totality of your personal loan.
  • Make Your Payment- Once you have gotten the loan amount you asked for. You agree to a monthly payment and pay back the investors directly from your prosper account to the investor's prosper account. You get your personal loan and investors get a good return on their investment.

First Choice Advances

First choice Advances will match you up with a lender after taking your information and putting it in their system.  People with good credit can qualify for an unsecured personal loan of up to $35,000. While people with bad credit can qualify for an unsecured personal loan of up to $10,000.  They have lenders who service both long-term and short term quick cash loans.

Wells Fargo Personal Loans

With Wells Fargo, people with good credit can apply for a personal loan from $3,000 to $100,000.  According to Wells Fargo, credit decisions are generally made within 2 hours and you get your loan money within 24 hours by check or direct deposit into your Wells Fargo bank account. Wells Fargo also says that you get the entire amount up front so you can get the money you need quickly to accomplish the things you need.

These are just a few sources, however, if you are looking for a personal loan online and you have prime credit or good credit, and don't have a time constraint, then you can try applying to major banks such as Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, or your local bank through their online option.  Depending on the bank or financial institution you use, a credit check and a loan decision could take a few days.  However, be rest assured that just because there are not a lot of people advertising "good credit personal loans" online, that doesn't mean they are not widely available. It's just because you have good credit, all you do is apply to any financial institution and depending on your finances, they may or may not consider you a good credit risk.  The opportunities for people with good credit getting a personal loan are far more than people who have bad credit looking for a personal loan, that's why they are not as advertised.