Impression 5Credit: Betty Asphy               

Impression 5 Museum


Toddlers RoomCredit: Betty AsphyWeather StationCredit: Betty Asphy

  Toddlers Room (ages 1-4)                       Children's Weather Room


The Magnet Room

The attendant there will explain to children what magnets are, what things magnets pick up, and what things magnets will not pick up.   The children get hands-on experience with actually using a magnet to see what items they can  pick  up with the  magnets.    

Water Room

The children just love the Water Room.  In this a room you will see exhibits of how water works.   Various objects are visible in the water.  The objects are all movable.  Children have the free range to move the objects through the water.   Plastic coats are available to put on, because the children can get quite wet.    They even have a water room for the four-year-olds and under.   They just enjoy playing in the water.  

Additional pics water RoomCredit: Betty Asphy


Toddler's Water RoomCredit: Betty Asphy

   Water Room                                              Toddler's Water Room (Ages 1-4)

Bubbles Room

In the Bubbles Room besides the large tables that have bubbles and blowers for the children, there is a place where an individual child can stand and pull a large bubble up around their body.   In addition, can you imagine pulling bubbles up just like pulling up a shade? That is just another activity that the children really seem to enjoy.     This is fascinating to see.  This gives for continuous learning and amusement for the children.

Ball throwing & Launch a Ball

You definitely do not want to miss the ball throwing area.   Children get points for the speed of throwing their ball.  In addition, they can shoot a ball from a  cannon-like device, but first they need to pump up the pressure in the machine before this is even possible.  It is interesting to watch as children take turns pumping up the engine to prepare the balls to shoot from the cannon-like device.  


The designs of the restrooms are just for children.   The sinks are not high like the adult sinks. I think this is just ideal for children.  

Hours and Admission:

The hours are Monday though Friday 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday 10 am to 7 pm, and Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm.

The prices are reasonable too.  They are as follows:  Adults $5.00, Children 1 and older $5.00, seniors $4.50, Children, up to 1-year-old: FREE

The great thing about their Group Admission Rate is with reservations it is $4.00 per child.  Teachers and chaperones receive free admission.   

These are great school events for field trips.  

Home school Programs 2011-2012

Do you home school?   These are special programs designed for home school families.  These are 8-week series.  They include science themes such as plant science, force and Motion, Robotics, Static Electricity, Green Science, Kitchen Chemistry, and much more.   The cost is $80 for Member and $100 for nonmembers.   $15.00 is required upon reservation.  A $15.00 cancellation fee per 8-week series applies once the series has begun. 

Upcoming events will include a Little Learners workshop for 1 to 4 year olds. This 5-week long works will include exploratory play, songs, books, activities.  Pre-registration is a requisite.   There are only 12 children per session.   Chaperones are free, but required.   Their number is 517-485-8116, extension 32 .    Cost per five-week series is $50 for member or child, $75 not a member or child.