How is the weather?

I am not writing about something "hot and sexy." Not even "hot and spicy." Rather disappointing. isn't it. It's just the title to attract attention. I am writing about the weather, of all things!! Just curious how many people will read this hub. Most probably my score will be down to 10!

I think most readers will most probably be from the temperate countries. I am from a "hot" country. So you see I like it hot. I have lived in a temperate country for 7 years. And I hated the toilet seats! They were always freezing cold. But now I think they have come up with heated toilet seats. That's hot.

Sunny sandy beach

Beautiful beach in Penang, Malaysia

How convenient living in a tropical country

Do you know how convenient and casual, dressing can be in hot countries? You can go virtually naked without catching a cold. For me, I'm always with my shorts and round-neck T-shirt. And at the bottom? I mean the feet; just casual slippers. I can go outdoors without having to take any "weather" precaution, anytime of the day or night. The temperature is always around 30C (or 85F), give and take a few degrees. That won’t make much a difference.

I often wonder how the Eskimoes would feel like if they were to live in my country. What about if I were to live in the Arctic? Dead frozen, for sure!

Somehow, living in a tropical country, makes life a breeze. When you drive, just drive! I don't have to worry about any inclement weather. The most will be a heavy thunderstorm. Not to worry. And if you are unlucky to have a stalled car, don't worry, you won't freeze to death. Just get out, and enjoy the warm humid air.

Haven for foreign tourists

Foreign tourists savor every bit of our casual lifestyle. And save them money too.  For those knowledgable Caucasians and Japanese, especially those on pensions, they simply love living here.  With the currency conversion rates at their advantage, they can live like a king.  Many have made it an annual winter "pilgrimage" to visit this wonderful island and to escape the cold winter weather at home.  You may be wondering where this warm paradise island is.  As my topic is about weather  and not about travel, you will find out this secret island later. 

Casual wear is the preferred attire, and you can even walk bare-footed if you so wished and can withstand the hot ground. Nobody cares.  And what is better than a few mugs of chilled beer! But frankly, we locals prefer fresh coconut water.

Of course, hot is not always the best. But for me it is the lesser of the two evils. Given a choice between hot and cold, I will any time settle for the former. Actually to feel really comfortable in our very warm and humid country, one has to be in an air-conditioned room. With plenty of shopping complexes around, you can get free air-con so long as they are open. Or better still, just hop into any of the hotels or fast food restaurants or cafes; you'll feel fresh and cool.

The curse of global warming

Even a few years ago, the warm weather was bearable hovering around 30 degrees C. or around the 80s F.  Nowadays especially during the hot period around the middle of the year, it is actually very uncomfortable with temperatures above 30 C or 90 F.  This is hot.  And it extends to the evening with the hot afternoon air yet to cool down, if ever.  Even the beautiful paradise island where I am living is not spared.

This is the curse of global warming!