It seems like more and more people are having to go home to their families and announce "I lost my job". It can feel like the entire world has been swept from your feet, but you need to take decisive action to minimize the damage of unemployment. This is a life changing experience but it doesn't have to be a bad one. Of coruse the most important thing is to treat finding a new job as seriously as you would treat any job. Besides finding a new place to work here are some basic survival tips that can help your life to function while you are out of work.

Turn it into an adventure. If you have to cut your food budget, make it a challenge. Watch the food network & try to recreate gourmet food with things you find at the dollar store. Recognize the good. As you cut down on your budget realize all of the material possessions that you have left and focus more on the quality of your life instead of your consumerism. Avoid denial, but focus on what you do have.

Get your friends involved. They are probably experiencing the same difficulties you are. Have a swap party where you all bring the things you don't use or need & trade them. Look to them for networking opportunities and emotional support.

Develop a new skill. Find a hobby that can also help your survival like gardening or sewing. This will help you fill up your time instead of just languishing away on the coach waiting for the next interview. Who know? You may find a way to turn yoru new hobby into a side business.

Read stories from the stock market crash & great depression. Learn how people survived. The key word is that they did survive, they made it through. It may seem like the end of the world, but the world has survived some pretty tough times. Laugh about it. Laughter can be cathartic & some medical professionals think it has healing properties. It's great for stress relief. If watching the news has you down but you still want to be informed, switch to one of the news programs on Comedy Central.

Once you say "I've lost my job" it may only be a matter of days before you get to declare "Honey, I've got great news." Learning to stretch your budget and enhance your skills can make you a desirable commodity on the job market and a little bit of unemployment won't ruin your life.