Collectible Santas

How my collectible Santas collection came to be.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love collectible Santas. It all started when I was a child; I have always had a soft spot for the kind, jolly Santa Claus. When I married, and started keeping house, it was only natural to decorate for Christmas, and add in Santa Claus decorations.

Over the years, without realizing it, I have accumulated quite a few collectible Santas. About 15 years ago, a coworker of mine gave me a hand painted and dated Santa figurine as a Christmas gift. Over the next few years, that we worked together, I was given other hand painted and dated Santa Claus figurines. They were proudly display each year, and as each new addition arrived, it joined the others already displayed. Because of the pleasure, these figurines added to our Christmas decorations, I decided I would like to have more collectible Santas.

Once my family realized that I was looking for unique collectible Santas to add to my collection, it became a challenge for them to find just the right Saint Nick to join my collectible Santas. These happy Santa Claus decorations are now scattered throughout my house, and many are not put away after the holidays. As my collectible Santas grew in numbers, I found it increasingly hard to find a place for them.

Four years ago, my husband gave me a curio cabinet, for my birthday, to display my collectible Santas. This lovely curio cabinet was placed in the entrance hall of my home. In fact, the entrance hall now has become a place to show many of my collectible Santas. In addition to the curio cabinet, I have a life-size Santa Claus, a lovely Saint Nicholas print, and family pictures, with our daughter, documenting our many lunches and visits to see the Jolly St. Nick. As recently as two years ago, we repeated this family tradition, and had a family picture made with Santa Claus.

One thing I miss about not packing and unpacking the collectible Santas is the time I spend handling and examining each one. The workmanship involved is outstanding. Also, so many of the ones that I have come with informational papers about the figurines, and they are interesting to read. However, time is limited, and tradeoffs must be made – so I chose to have the benefit of seeing them daily.

Some of my favorite collectible Santas are:

The religious collectible Santas are my favorites, especially the one that has Santa Claus kneeling beside the baby Jesus. Another figurine has one of the Three Wiseman with a white beard and dressed in a red robe.

Patriotic collectible Santas are next on my list. The one carrying a banner with the words, "In God We Trust" is front and center in my curio cabinet. I have several in different sizes proudly carrying the American Flag.

Since I am a NASCAR fan, one of my favorites is a sleigh bearing the car number '24' and signed by the driver Jeff Gordon.

Also, being a Jimmy Buffett fan, I had to have, according to my daughter, an "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere" Santa Claus to go with my other collectible Santas. She also found a Santa Claus wearing a hula skirt that she gave me the Christmas after our Hawaiian cruise. Actually, I think she is as fascinated as I am with the loveable Saint Nicholas.

Already, this year, my husband has given me the loveliest Mrs. Claus. The details are magnificent, and she is holding knitting needles and a piece of knitting she is working on. (Since I love to knit, this is a great figurine for me.) What a great find and a welcome piece to add to my collectible Santas.

I have many figurines depicting Old World Santa Clauses. The information included with these figurines, about their country of origin and their customs, is very interesting.

One of my most cherished pieces in my collectible Santas collection is an antique dancing Santa Claus, on a musical carousel that my mother bought when I was a child. Every year she placed this decoration in a special place, and we looked forward to the first spin of the carousel. So many great memories….

My sister has been a great procurer of unusual Kriss Kringles. The first one she gave me, was the full size St. Nick that stands in my entrance hall. The next, was a mooning Santa Claus, and he enjoys his trick. (He has a special place in the corner of the cabinet, just in case he misbehaves.) The latest addition, she gave me for my collectible Santas, is a figurine, which includes a Kriss Kringle standing beside a fireplace with an illuminated Thomas Kinkade picture hanging above the mantel.

Other interesting collectible Santas are:

Large Santa Claus hats that fit over the back of my dining room table chairs.

I also have an assorted supply of table linens, such as Santa placemats, napkins, and table runners.

Then there are Saint Nicholas cookie jars, a ceramic napkin holder, and of course, ceramic Santa Claus napkin rings.

There is, however, one collectible Santas piece I failed to get when I could, and I have not been able to find it since. It was Mr. and Mrs. Claus sitting at the kitchen table playing cards. This is a favorite activity that my husband and I enjoy, so this was a perfect piece. It cost too much, so I walked away, and I have regretted not getting it ever since. It is, however, on my to-find-list.

Three years ago, I added numbered Santa Claus plates to my collectible Santas. They are very pretty, and I am looking forward to continuing with these lovely plates.

I am running out of space again, and I have told family and friends to hold back on their 'Jolly Old St. Nick' shopping enthusiasm.

As to be expected, there are many pieces of clothing in my closet celebrating this blessed time of the year. Over the years, I have accumulated jackets, sweaters, blouses, vests, hats, etc., with the Christmas theme on them. And in addition to the clothing, I have several pieces of jewelry that I enjoy wearing during this time of the year, and they are a part of my collectible Santas collection.

In Closing

While my collectible Santas bring me much joy, the most important thing about my collection is the thought and love that went into the purchase of these items by my family and friends. My husband looks forward to finding the perfect piece just as soon as they are displayed in the stores. And whatever the occasion, my daughter always finds a unique Saint Nicholas online to add to my collectible Santas.

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