A few weeks ago I attended one of the largest technology shows in the world. It was held in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, which is located in the state of Nevada in the United States. I can go on and on about the city, but I was really more interested in the CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show. I was filled with anticipation wondering what goodies the electronic companies would be bringing out. The rumour was a famous pop singer also had a special surprise for visitors to the show.

Gadgets for Gamers

The show did not disappoint. There were some products that I definitely paid attention to, others, not so much. The Turtle Beach booth was one of the first that I stopped at. One reason was I was very intrigued by their name; the other reason was they had something that caught my eye. They have created a wireless headset that has surround sound, and is compatible with the PS3 and Xbox360. The headset is called the PX5, and it not only provides a superb listening experience, but you can also chat with others with it. These headsets are the dream for any trendy gamer because the settings and functions have never been made available before. With this headset, you can change the level of sound for your music, games, or chat. This headset definitely has the possibility of making a significant improvement for the current gaming industry.

New Phones for Consumers

If you are not interested in games like I am, maybe you will be more impressed by the latest in the mobile phone industry. Samsung made a big splash at the Consumer Electronics Show with a new phone screen for their phones. Why is that so special you may ask? The screen bends! This is a design that is still in progress, but the new Amoled technology allows the screen to bend at an angle. When it was tested, it was able to bend a minimum of 400 degrees. The company did release a model similar to this, but it was not as thin as this prototype is. I was totally impressed by this phone, and even though the projected price is out of my wallet’s range, I like it.

New Gadgets for the Environmentally Conscience

So, you are not a fan of games, or phones? Maybe energy efficiency is your thing. Some major companies have revealed an energy saving screen that includes a smart meter. This small gadget will act as the centre for all the electronics that are connected to it in someone’s home. This is something that the average “Joe” will appreciate because most people are trying to conserve money wherever they can. There is a lot of energy saving options available on the market, and you can search to find the ones that are best suited for your needs.

The Biggest Surprise of All

Polaroid has revealed a surprise to the consumers, but there are not alone in their debut. The House of Gaga and Polaroid have announced the creation of photographic sunglasses. Talk about futuristic inventions!