I Love Lucy!

Are you a fan of the “I Love Lucy” television series? Or maybe I should ask, do you “Love Lucy?” If so, you’re probably aware that the beloved sitcom will celebrate its 60th Anniversary on October 15, 2011. The long running and historic American television show “I Love Lucy” (which still plays worldwide) premiered October 15, 1951 and has been named the Greatest TV Series by Hall of Fame Magazine. Lucille Ball was also chosen as the second (out of 50) Greatest TV Icons (after Johnny Carson), however, when the public was polled they chose her as their number 1 greatest icon. The Desilu Studio (Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz studios) was also honored with a special award at the 62nd annual Primetime Emmy Engineering Awards.

2011 marks another milestone for this brand because not only is 2011 the Diamond Anniversary of the I Love Lucy show, but it also marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lucille Ball (born August 6, 1911). Yes, Lucille Ball would have been celebrating her 100th birthday this year; and ten years ago, on the 90th anniversary of Lucille Ball’s birthday (August 6, 2001) the United States Postal Service honored her with a commemorative postage stamp as part of its Legends of Hollywood series. Lucille Ball is truly an American icon.

This year, to help celebrate this historic occasion, several companies have honored these two important events by creating I Love Lucy 60th Anniversary collector’s items. Each one of these collectables is unique, special, and a one-of-a kind item. If you’re a fan of the I Love Lucy sitcom, or you know someone who is, you'll want to get as many of these collector’s items as you can.

I Love Lucy Postage Stamp

I Love Lucy 60th Anniversary Gifts 

Calendar (Box)

The 60th Anniversary 2011 Box Calendar captures the timeless humor and charismatic spirit that made I Love Lucy a treasured classic. Celebrate Lucille Ball's comic genius with daily tear-off pages featuring some of her unforgettable moments. The photo reproduction is dull gray as I Love Lucy TV show was filmed in black and white. For every two pages/dates with a photo, the third page/date is a wordage. Language: English; product dimensions: Approximately 6.2 x 5.4 x 1.6 inches. (3)  

Calendar (Wall)

12 Month 60th Anniversary wall calendar. The calendar is in black and white images of Lucille ball in various situations. Relive the I Love Lucy fun every day of the year. (2) 

Candy Tin

This unique nostalgic candy tin looks just like an old-fashioned television set complete with antenna carrying handle. On the front of the TV tin are scenes from "I Love Lucy" celebrating its 60th anniversary, first airing in 1951. The back of the tin shows facts about the series. (4)  

Canvas Sneakers

These canvas sneakers feature classic TV show scenes. The shoes are black and white, with red heart-shaped logo charms, rubber soles, foam insoles and images of Lucy Ricardo. Be the first one on your block to have these extraordinary and rare sneakers. (1) 

Clocks (Dome Clocks)

There are three dome clocks to choose from, and they are all so adorable, you just might find yourself ordering all three! (2) 

Ricky & Lucy: Featuring the longtime sweethearts Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. This Lucy and Ricky clock features two rotating pendulums and measures 9 inches tall. The top and bottom of this clock features a porcelain finish made by MZ Berger. (2)  

Best Friends: Featuring lots of images of the two most famous best friends, Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz. This clock has two moving pendulums and measures 9 inches tall; made by MZ Berger Company. (2)  

Chocolate Factory: Featuring the famous “Job Switching” episode. Who can ever forget all the fun and folly of Lucy and Ethel trying to work at the chocolate factory, and becoming completely overwhelmed? This clock has two rotating pendulums and measures 9 inches tall; made by MZ Berger Company.” (2)  

Doll - Vitameatavegamin "Talking" Doll

The officially licensed Lucy doll gives Lucy's famous Vitameatavegamin™ endorsement and plays the I LOVE LUCY theme song. This is such a great gift for anyone who is a Lucy fan! (1)  

Doll - Vitameatavegamin Fashion Doll

This doll is identical to the previous doll, however, it is not a “talking” doll. This doll can be posed in several ways and includes a replica costume. (1)  

Dolls - Desi and Lucy Dolls

This is a limited edition doll set from the Mattel Pink Label and features Lucy and Ricky dressed up for a fancy party. Lucy is wearing a beautiful green dress and Ricky a fine suit with a matching hat, from Episode 4; ‘The Diet’ on the I Love Lucy series. (6) 


Lucy and Ricky 60th Anniversary Ornament. This is a gorgeous collector’s ornament celebrating the 60th anniversary of I Love Lucy. It is beautifully manufactured with a white background, gold trim, and little red hearts and roses for an accent. (5)  

Pajamas (Women’s)

Have sweet dreams in your I Love Lucy pajamas! Quantities of this brand-new item are limited, so order yours fast! (1)  


60th Anniversary Purse with Classic Images. Black and white images from favorite I LOVE LUCY episodes. The purse is crafted in twill polyester, with black leather trim, multiple pockets and a heart-shaped logo charm. (1) 

I Love Lucy 60th Anniversary

Celebrate this momentous year for the one-and-only I Love Lucy sitcom which premiered on October 15, 1951 and showcased its finale on May 6, 1957. This show is extraordinary and phenomenal; it has withstood the test of time and provided laughter to millions all over the world, generation after generation, and continues to do so today! Don’t be left out, get your I Love Lucy 60th Anniversary Collector’s Items today and have fun commemorating these two very important anniversaries. After all, don’t we all Love Lucy?

*Please note: Items may be found at the following sites, however, they are subject to change and not all items may be available.

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