I am presently trying to upgrade my 1955 bungalow and modernize it a bit more and that includes the outside gardens and walkways.

I need to create a pathway to the front door from the driveway and don’t want the expense of running wiring for electricity so I started to research outdoor solar path lighting.  Our front yard is pretty dark at night and so I do feel some kind of lighting is needed other than the front door one.  I want guests to follow this route to the front instead of the side door.

I had used them before years ago, but it was early in the technology stage and found they didn’t really give off enough light to see your way, just more of an odd glow and some would work and others wouldn’t and they would barely last a season.  So, I was going to avoid using them until I saw the latest ones on the market.

Not only do they look good and emit a nice soft glow but they actually do light up the pathway.  I was pleasantly surprised how far solar power had come since I had used them a few years back. 

Outdoor Solar Path LightingCredit: Amazon.com
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(price as of Feb 14, 2016)
I was pleasantly surprised when I came across these. They are good looking and the solar collector is in the stem. These are a functional way to light up a path.

Technology has come a long way even in the last few years and they don’t need days in the sun before they work, and they automatically come on at dusk so there is nothing I have to worry about.  The solar collecting panel is part of the light stem and not the big huge ones they used to be.  I used to find the light was small and the collector panel was huge and if it got dirty or knocked over it stopped working.

I have to do rewiring in this house, but didn’t want to spend the money needed to run outdoor lines and conduit right now.  These solar path lights will do the job just fine.  This way I can choose where the path will run and without wiring I am not restricted.

What I like about these ones, is the fact that they have almost a sleek and modern “hooded” look and will then direct the light where you need it, on the path instead of up in the air or blinding you as you walk.Outdoor Solar Path LightsCredit: Amazon.com

I didn’t like the earlier ones for that reason.  They had no direction at all they were just posts you stuck in the ground and had the stark white light on top.  You could see the light but not the walkways.  I was always disappointed with the glow they gave off.  But have changed my opinion now with the new ones on the market.

I thought I would get a few sets and stagger these along the walkway to not only show you how to follow the yellow brick road to my front door, but also to look nice during the daylight hours instead of those simple sticks in the ground.

The glows you get from the lights are a warm glow not that stark white.  So, I think they would also be perfect for highlighting bits in the flowerbeds too.

I was looking for a more unique design and in my local garden centers there was not too much too choose from, but when I went searching online I found some really nice trendy and chic solar path lights that will do the job and look good too.  This is an affordable way to make my yard look nice and functional.  

I have also been researching other garden upgrades that are easy and save on construction such as outdoor flooring and decking which can be used to create an instant patio or cover an old one.