I Miss You Text Messages to Send to Your BoyfriendCredit: bestofshayari.blogspot.com

I miss you text messages to send to your boyfriend are meant to remind him of how much you treasure him and how badly you want to be with him. These texts give him an assurance that you still love him, a fact which goes a long way in building his confidence and trust on you.

As tricky as it may sound I miss you texts need to carry a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. They need to be forwarded to your boyfriend with the deepest sincerity since the aim here is not to impress him but to rather express your deepest feeling for him.

When the right words are used, these messages will not only add sparkle to your relationship but will also make the bond between you and your boyfriend stronger.

Here are I miss you text messages to send your boyfriend you can sample:

>>> I looked into the mirror this morning and realized that an important part of me is missing. That part is you. I miss you.

>>> Sometimes missing you is a feeling I find very difficult to handle

>>> I miss the warmth of your body, your tender kisses and the touch of your fingers. I miss you deeply.

>>> Me and you, resting in the couch listening to our favorite songs, I miss the good times I have when I am with you.

>>> I will stop missing you when you come around and give me deep kiss and a tender touch

>>> It hurts to be away from you, our souls are connected

Every time you let your man know how much you miss him, knowingly or unknowingly you draw him closer to you. Check my suggestions on how to be attractive to men:

>>> Intentionally Contradict Yourself to Confuse Him…Men find women who make them think harder attractive. Say something contradictory on purpose to confuse him. Not only will he find you attractive by making him put his thinking cap on but he will get curious on what you really wanted to mean by a certain statement.

>>> Play Hard to Get…Men love the chasing game. Once you show him that you are unavailable his interest in you will grow drastically. The more you play hard to get, the greater the anticipation you create, the more attractive you appear.

>>> Let him do Most of the Talking…If you want man to find you attractive, let him do most of the talking while you sit down and listen to him. Be sure to nod where necessary and say something relevant in between the conversation lest he finds you boring.

I miss you text messages to send to your boyfriend certainly play an in important role in the attraction rules. To shed further insights on how to attract men here is a comprehensive look on 3 ways to attract any man:

>>> Touch him Accidentally…Try touching any mans’ hand like you were reaching for something you accidentally dropped and wait for the reaction. If the man was having a drink don’t be surprised if he offers and apology (never mind he is not on the wrong) and actually offers you to join him.

>>> Erotic Dancing…Pull and erotic dance and any man will be interested in you. Don’t be afraid to express yourself on the dance floor and make sure he sees you. Before you pull this move some little lessons on how to do it will come in handy.

>>> The French Look…Don’t underestimate the power of the eyes when it comes to attracting any man. Start with side glances, lower your eyes when he looks at you and put on a smile. Repeat this move a couple of times and the man will not only notice you but take interest in you as well. 

The Signs of Interest: This is perhaps the easiest way to attract any man. Rapidly show him that you have interest in him. Here are some signs to put across to him:

>>> Running you fingers across you hair.

>>> Wetting and biting your lips occasionally.

>>> Looking him straight in the eye.

>>> Playing with your hands and caressing objects.

To add icing on I miss you messages to send to your boyfriend, here is a look at love quotes for your boyfriend. Should the guy text first or should I be the one texting first? You may ask. Sometimes taking the lead is important so don’t be afraid to seize the moment. Here are some examples to try.

>>> You give me butterflies when I look into your eyes.

>>> Every time you need some good loving call on me.

>>> Meeting you was a miracle, you are heaven sent.

>>> Am head over heels for you; I am deeply, madly in love with you.