I Need Money ASAP!

So you need $1000 now to pay bills, buy food, buy clothing or just to use as emergency cash.  You have a few options to get $1000 now! Those options include borrowing it outright from a friend or family member, getting a guaranteed approval loan, an emergency cash loan, a title loan if you own your car or home, a fixed interest pay day loan or a regular variable interest pay day loan. You should also consider selling something at a pawn shop, that is a quick source of emergency cash. Pawn shops buy just about anything, so look through your home and see what you can pawn or sell.


Pay Day Loans

If you need $1000 now, you can apply for an emergency cash loan or a payday loan to help you pay your bills.  There are different types of pay day loans depending on your needs, job and credit situation.  Even if you are unemployed, you can still apply for a "no fax" pay day loan that specializes in pay day loans for people without a job.

Pawn Shops

As stated above, you can pawn just about anything.  If you have jewelry and other big ticket items such as electronics or rare items, you can go to a pawn shop and either pawn it (if you want the item back) or sell it.  Even jewelry can be sold as is if they are in good condition or they will buy it and turn it into scrap metal, which fetches a pretty penny.  Pawn shops buy almost anything as long as it isn't stolen, so try pawning or selling something if you need $1000 now.

Guaranteed Approval Personal Loans

Guaranteed approval personal loans work almost like payday loans only, the rates and duration of time you have to pay it back varies. It is called a guaranteed approval personal loan because your approval is guaranteed.


Borrow From Friends Or Family

If you have family and friends that you can borrow this type of money from, then do it.  If it's an emergency, they will understand.  If you can't borrow the whole thing for someone, try making a list of ten people you know who will lend you money and borrow $100 each from them.  Keep the list as a reminder of who you need to pay back.


Have A Yard Sale

Yard sales are a source of almost instant cash. Get everything out of your house that you are not using, or wearing and set up a yard sale.  Price everything reasonably, but in a way that you know if you sell this lot, then you will have the $1000 you need.  Don't have much? That's ok, then visit friends and family and ask them to donate items to your yard sale.  Most people have clutter that they need to get rid of.


Car Title Loan/Loan Against Your Home

If you have a home, you can easily put that up as collateral to get a line of credit or an instant cash loan.  Go to a small bank or credit union that specializes in emergency loans for people who own homes

If you have a car that you have the title to, then you can get a title loan.  Depending on the car's worth, you can get a title loan for $1000 or more almost immediately.

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