Guaranteed Personal Loans For Bad Credit People

Do you need money today or do you need emergency cash soon but you have bad credit?  Many people are in the same boat and they say "I need a bad credit personal loan quick!" However, many people think it is impossible to get quick cash fast because they have bad credit and nothing could be further from the truth.  Truth be told, you are in good company and "bad credit lenders" know this.  Those lenders who lend money or lend emergency cash to people with bad credit know that there are good people who just happen to have bad credit.  However, that doesn't mean that they are not worth the risk involved in lending them the money they need.

So don't ever think that just because you have bad credit that you can't:

Seriously? Why Would Lenders Lend Me Money When I Have Bad Credit

Well, simply but-because they need your business. Roughly 20 percent of the population in America have bad credit, that's individuals with a credit score below 600.  That's A LOT of people to ignore.  Although the lending process may include additional requirements such as direct monthly payment withdrawal from your checking account and higher interest, it is still money that you can borrow quickly when you are in a bind.  These "bad credit lenders" have to take steps to hedge against loss so you may see very high interest rates when borrowing money from these "bad credit lenders to lend you money quickly."  So don't be surprised when you are paying a higher interest rate, that is something that you must understand.  It is a simple equation.  This higher the risk (lower the credit score), the higher the interest rate. 

You can borrow cash quickly from "bad credit lenders" in just about any amount and for just about any purpose. It may be for small amounts like $1000 or less, however, for someone looking for money for car repairs, groceries and rent, it may be the difference between eating and not eating.

There are many reputable "bad credit lenders" who will lend you quick cash for your personal needs. However, there are also loan sharks that are out there trying to take advantage of your personal crisis.  If ever the interest and payment terms are not acceptable to you-you should NEVER borrow the money. You should always do the math, this means that you should calculate the amount of money you will have to pay back, INCLUDING THE INTEREST.  If it is something that you KNOW you cannot handle on a monthly basis, then you should see another option.  Try finding other ways, including getting help from the government, to help you through your personal crisis.

You can use  buy now pay later catalogs  to buy clothes, furniture, and other pertinent household items.  The buy now pay later catalogs give you the option of  shopping and then paying on a monthly installment.  If that's what you need a personal loan for, you may have better luck just using a buy now pay later catalog option.

However, if you really need quick liquid cash, there are bad credit lenders out there that can help you.  You should also try to find other quick ways to make money without having to take out a loan of any kind. If the reason why you need money is because you are unemployed, it is best NOT to take out a personal loan or a loan of any kind if you are unemployed.  You'll only be asking for trouble.  Although there are lenders out there who will actually lend quick cash to you when you are unemployed, it is not a good practice.  You could be digging yourself into a hole that you will never be able to get out of.

Some Books That May Help You When you Need A Bad Credit Personal Loan Quick!

You can get these books on obtaining a personal, auto, business loan even with bad credit from Amazon. Many of them available immediately on Kindle.

How To Buy a Car: When You Have Bad Credit or No Credit At AllCredit: Amazon.comHow to Get a Business Loan With Bad CreditCredit: Amazon.comGet Credit Help For Bad Credit Repair Plus Tips on How To Get Loans With Bad Credit So You Can RebuildCredit: Amazon.comHome Loans For People With Bad CreditCredit: Amazon.comNO CREDIT CHECK LOANS: And other Options for People with Bad CreditCredit: Amazon.comQuick Payday Loans - How-To Series (Part 4) - "Payday Loans: Why They Are Bad and How-To Make The Best of Them!"Credit:


"I Need A Bad Credit Personal Loan Quick" Lenders

Credit Sources

According to, they will lend you up to $1,500 in a quick cash personal loan even those who may have some credit issues.  According to this "bad credit lender," they have made the application and lending process very easy.  Very soon, they will also offer bad credit auto insurance, bad credit car loans and bad credit home loans or mortgages.

You can also try because through their credit and application process, you can qualify for a personal loan up to $35,000.  It is a lot of money so there may be some addition application requirements.  You can check out their website to see if this "bad credit" personal loan is an option for you.

Spring Leaf Financial

Springleaf Financial is something like HSBC insofar as it has offices all through America.  HSBC is another option that do lend to people with bad credit, however you may need to have collateral with them.  According to Springleaf Financial, you can borrow anywhere from $1000 to $25,000. Springleaf Financial says that their application process is simple and quick.

  • You can read more about Springleaf Financial Lending: PRESS HERE

Western Sky Financial

If you have seen the commercials on television, you know that Western Sky offers high risk personal loans for up to $5, 000.  They tell you up from that it is not a payday loan but the money is expensive (and it is!).  However, if you need a high risk personal loan fast, Western Sky Financial may be a good option.  $5000 could help pay for a small wedding and also if you need money for car repairs, groceries and rent.

  • You can read more about Western Sky Financial: PRESS HERE and for the review of Western Sky Financial: PRESS HERE


First Choice Advances

First choice Advances will match you up with a lender after taking your information and putting it in their system.  People with good credit can qualify for an unsecured personal loan of up to $35,000. While people with bad credit can qualify for an unsecured personal loan of up to $10,000.  They have lenders who service both long-term and short term quick cash loans.

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