If You Need A Car Today, There Are A Few Emergency Cash Resources You Can Try

So you need a car today but have no credit or bad credit or no money.  There are places that will give you an emergency loan to buy your car but you must be prepared to pay back the loan at much higher interest rates.  It is the price you have to pay when you have poor credit, no credit or no money.  Although you can get quick emergency loans online to get the car you need today, it may be more economical to save your money and purchase a used car outright so that you will have no loan to pay back. You do not want to incur further debt if you already have debt problems. When you are ready to apply for an emergency loan, consider the following:


Make sure You have a Steady Job

Having a steady job will allow you to get emergency loans faster. Many of these quick car loan places are like pay day loans that will lend you money if you have a steady job and a bank account.  They want to see that you will be able to pay the money back and a steady job will put you that much closer.


Make sure You Have A Bank Account

You may not need perfect credit to get an emergency auto loan, but most of the place that lend, will want you to have one.  A bank account helps establish your credit worthiness and stability and in some cases, your identity.


Shop Around Online For Emergency Car Loan Venders

There are countless places online where you can get an emergency car loan if you need a car today!  You just have to find the one that fits your needs and your payment capabilities.  Never make an agreement for an amount that you know you can't pay back. You are just asking for trouble. Here are some options for online emergency car loan lenders.

Some Car Loan Companies you can check are:

  • Autonet.com
  • Community Auto Credit.com
  • Ebay (Yes, Ebay!)
  • Autocreditexpress.net
  • Any-credit-auto-loans.com
  • Hourauto.com
  • Auto Loan Solutions
  • Quicker Auto Loans
  • Quick Link Auto Loan

Make Sure Everything Is In Order

Get a folder and put all the documents you will need to prove your credit worthiness to the lender.  Some documents you may need include a copy of your most recent w2, copies of your four most recent pay stubs, and a brief list of your other expenses. Also, as a precaution, make sure you work to save at least 3 months worth of car payments.  You need to car today, but after you get it, it should be a priority to save that much and put it aside in case you lose your income.  This gives you some time to find another source of income without losing your car.

I Need A Car Today! What Other Options In Emergency Loans Are There?

You can also try getting an emergency cash loan from Westernsky.com.  They claim you can borrow up to $5000 with no credit check or collateral-all you need is a checking account.  However, if you are going through Western Sky use caution, they do not operate within US law because the are a sovereign tribal monetary source. Their interest rates are also VERY high so that you can end up paying back $40, 000 for a $5000 emergency loan.  You can learn more about Western Sky here.


Whatever source you use to get your emergency car loan for the car you need today, use caution!  You will be paying massive interest rates regardless, but know what you are getting into before you sign anything.  You don't want to have a car today and a huge headache tomorrow.


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