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If you have ever suffered from insomnia, you know how difficult it can make your life.  Once you have gone for more than a couple of days without sleep, you become a different person.  You find yourself easily irritated, extremely tired, and feeling poorly.  This is just the beginning of bad things to come if you cannot find a way to go to sleep.  There are millions of Americans suffering from insomnia and drug companies are making millions of dollars with drugs to help combat this dilemma.  What can you do to help with your insomnia before taking medication?

  1.  Valerian Root and Melatonin.  These two supplements are well known for their aid in helping people to go to sleep.  Valerian Root helps by working as a sedative to help calm the mind so that you can relax and go to sleep.  Melatonin works by helping the circadian clock shift to recognize that you need to sleep earlier.  Try these supplements and see if they can help you fall asleep naturally.
  2. Stress.  Get rid of the stress in your life.  If your life is full of chaos and upheaval your mind will have a hard time resting just because it’s dark outside.  Whatever is going on in your life that is keeping you stressed out; get rid of it.  Once the stress is alleviated your sleep should get back to normal.
  3. Turn off the Television.  In order to promote sleep, your mind needs to be able to totally shut down.  Turn off the lights and the television and let the darkness pull you in.  Sometimes, if the television is left on your mind is still somewhat engaged and active.  Take away the distractions and sleep may come easier and faster.
  4. Pillows and Mattress.  Being comfortable in bed can play a major role in a good night’s sleep.  If you have a bad mattress or uncomfortable pillows;  your body may not be able to truly relax or you may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with bad back pain or a crook in your neck.  These problematic issues can keep you from getting restful sleep.
  5. Sleepy.  If you begin to feel sleepy, go to sleep.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to fight sleep.  As you continue to stay up past the time your mind and body are feeling sleepy you are likely changing your own internal clock.  Your body will eventually adapt and you will find yourself staying awake longer and longer until you are unable to sleep.  When the sleep hits you; GO TO BED!!

There are many reasons that people suffer from insomnia.  Some people may have an actual medical condition and some people may suffer from self induced insomnia.  Regardless of which reason, there are some steps you can take to resolve your sleep issues.  See your doctor first and if there is nothing physically wrong, check the steps above and look for any that may apply to you.  If you see something you can change so that your sleep gets back to normal then utilize it.  Not only will you be happy, but your mind and body will enjoy that much needed rest as well.