Yes, You Can Get A Guaranteed Personal Loan To Pay For Your Wedding

So you are getting married and you need a personal loan to pay for your engagement rings and your wedding but you have bad credit.  This day and time, having bad credit can be an obstacle but it is not enough to exclude you from getting a personal loan.  There are loan originators who cater directly to the nearly 20 percent of the population who have bad credit and still need personal loans for emergency cash or to finance life-changing experiences such as weddings.


How Much Would I Need To Borrow To Pay For My Wedding?

Unless you plan on getting married in your livingroom or your back yard, or have money saved up, then you are going to need a personal loan to finance your wedding.  The average cost of a small wedding is about $10,000-and that's a small wedding.  This includes the engagement ring and wedding bands but most like, does not include honeymoon expenses. If a small wedding costs about $10,000 when it's all said and done, just imagine how much a bigger wedding with more guests may cost.  The great part about it is that you can ask for money as a wedding gift to help offset your expenses. Unfortunately, there not many buy now pay later catalogs that will help when you are planning a wedding, so that option is pretty much out the door.  You will need to have money already, plan on just going to the Justice of the Peace or having a VERY small ceremony, or you are going to have to take out a personal loan to pay for your wedding.  There are bad credit personal loan lenders that will be happy to help.  You will however, have to pay higher interest rate.  In some cases, the interest rates may be considered approaching loan shark standards.  However, if it is something you have calculated and considered well, it can be a good option for you.


What Are My Other Options If I Don't Want To Get A Bad Credit Personal Loan To Pay For My Wedding


Very Small Wedding With Justice Of The Peace

A very small wedding with a Justice of the peace is less than $500.  You can go to a pawn shop, or use a buy now pay later catalog to buy your wedding bands.  You can wear a simple dress or you can get a wedding dress for under $500 online at Amazon. However, chances are just using the Justice of the Peace you probably won't be shelling out the extra added expense of a wedding dress.  Remove the impersonal aspect of a Justice of the Peace Wedding by having the JP come to your home or apartment and having the ceremony there.  It could just be you and your spouse to be, or you could invite some friends or family.  After you've made it to your 5 year or 10 year anniversary when you have been through things and overcome as a couple, then you can perhaps have a wedding then to celebrate your successful relationship.  By that time, you should be able to afford a wedding, if you really want one.

You also have the option after this to have a reception at a later date.  You can show a video of your wedding and have you dances and speeches then.  The reception doesn't have to be something big, just something for your friends, family and coworkers who were not invited to your small wedding to celebrate with you.

Ask Friend and Family

It used to be that parents would save for their children (especially daughter's) wedding.  However, in today's economic times, parents can only afford college or a wedding if anything at all. However, if they know that you are serious about marriage and need financial help, they may just be willing to help you raise the money.


Have A Wedding Fundraising Party

Rent out a hall at a community center (which is usually either free or low cost).  Charge a certain amount per plate, after you have done the calculations to make sure after your expenses that you will make a profit and make it a pre-wedding fundraising party.  It could be another form of celebration but also a great way to raise money to have the big wedding you want to have without having to take out a personal loan. 


Wait Until You Can Afford It

Postpone your wedding until you have saved enough money to do the things you want to do.  Many things can happen while you are waiting and saving so it really doesn't hurt to wait a little longer to make sure you have the funds you need to  have your perfect wedding by saving your money first.


Where Can I Get A Guaranteed Approval Loan To Pay For My Wedding?

HSBC Finance

HSBC has branches all over the United States.  They are a leading lending institution that just so happens to also lend to people with bad credit.  You can check their website for local branches within your area.  With HSBC you may have to show that you have had good faith payments to your creditors in your recent credit history, however, they will go over everything you need when you fill out your loan application.

Credit Sources says they will lend you up to $1,500 in personal loan money even if you have bad credit.  They claim they have helped thousands of people who were in need of emergency cash fast.  You may need another loan along with this one since their high amount is only $1,500. says that you can get up to $35,000 in personal loans even for people with bad credit.  This could be enough to pay for a good-sized wedding. However, it is also a lot of money so if you have no way of paying it back, it is best that you use another option to finance your wedding.  You don't want to have financial problems going into your new marriage before it even has a chance to start and blossom.

Western Sky Financial

If you have seen the commercials on television, you know that Western Sky offers high risk personal loans for up to $5, 000.  They tell you up from that it is not a payday loan but the money is expensive (and it is!).  However, if you need a high risk personal loan fast, Western Sky Financial may be a good option.  $5000 could help pay for a small wedding and also if you need money for car repairs, groceries and rent.

You can read more about Western Sky Financial: PRESS HERE and for the review of Western Sky Financial: PRESS HERE


Spring Leaf Financial

Spring Leaf Financial is also another well known financial lending institution with locations and branches all over America.  Spring Leaf Financial says you may be able to borrow from $1000 to $25,000 in unsecured personal loan even if you have bad credit.  Again, if you are having financial problems now, it may not be wise to go into a marriage with a large debt as it can cause problems in the future. 

These are some options for your if you are looking for a personal loan quick to help you pay for your wedding.  Weigh all your options carefully, talk with your spouse-to-be and together you can come up with a decision that works best for you.

Books To Help You Get Loans Even If You Have Bad Credit

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