As you begin to fall further behind, you may realize; I need assistance in paying my rent. This is not uncommon, and you should know about some of the options you will have available. The most important thing to realize, in most cases, is the need for action. If you do nothing you may be evicted, which will only compound your problems even more. If you don't pay your utility bills, or other debt, the situation may get worse, too. I need help in paying my rent!

Government programs:

There are many government programs out there that will offer you assistance in paying your rent. In general, you will find that you need to either be low income, a single parent, or have disability to qualify for many of the help programs. To find a government help program, you can contact your local courthouse. They will be able to steer you in the right direction. If you are saying, I need assistance with paying my rent, as simple call to your local courthouse may get you the help you need, or at least get the ball rolling.  You may want to consider applying for low income housing as well.


You may be able to get short term help in paying rent through local churches. While many will not pay your lease directly, they can offer help, which in turn you can use to make your lease payment. The help could be in the form of food, living supplies, or in some cases, monetary donations. You will find many churches that are willing to offer you assistance with paying your rent when you fall on hard times. If you are a member of a local church, you may want to start there. If not, stop by and see what they can do to help you out.  There are many types of temporary assistance for low income households.


The Salvation Army and other charitable organizations may be able to help you out when you need help in paying your rent, assuming they have the funds. Unfortunately, during poor economic times, when programs like these really need help, fewer people can afford to make the donations to support these types of programs. Still, when you begin to realize, I need help with paying my rent, this is another option to consider. You may be able to get some form of help when you need it through charitable organizations.


Sometimes, if you need help with paying the rent, but don't qualify for government help programs, you can accomplish the same thing by exploring your other expenses. In some cases, you will not qualify for low income housing, or other programs, but you can qualify for programs like heat assistance and help paying utility bills through LIHEAP. While this is not direct assistance with paying your rent, it may be enough to allow you to make the payment on the lease, so you don't get evicted. Sometimes you need to take a little different approach to make things happen.

Add a roommate:

If you require assistance in paying the rent, you may want to seek help by simply finding a roommate. If you cannot, or will not, sign up for any help programs, a roommate may be just the thing you need to get back on track. If you can split the utility and other bills, as well, you will save even more money. This is quite possibly the easiest, and often most effective way to get back on track, when you won't be using any of the help programs in your area. If you need help in paying the rent, you will find a quick method for a 50% reduction by adding a roommate. It's not the most convenient, but it can and does work for many people in the same situation.

Low income housing:

If you are saying, I need assistance with paying my rent, perhaps you are living in the wrong place, where the rates are too high. There is help in the form of low income housing. This is typically available in all areas. Generally speaking, you will pay a portion of your gross income, generally in the neighborhood of 30%, to cover the lease. If you need assistance paying your rent, it may be something to consider. Many of the apartments in low income housing units are clean, nice, and affordable. You may have to move, but it beats having nowhere to go after eviction. If you would like some help, perhaps this will make enough of a difference.

Selling stuff:

If you are saying, I need assistance in paying my rent, and you still have not found much for help, you may need to sell an item or two. This can be done on eBay and other online sites. You will find that you can get some money fast this way. In fact, many people are able to make enough money selling items like old clothing, to get the assistance they need in paying the rent. It's worth investigating, so you don't get evicted. If you will not qualify for government help programs, this may be your best option.

Making money:

I will not preach, but if you need assistance to pay your rent, perhaps you should explore ways to make a few extra dollars. The money you can make will really help with your lease, utility bills, and other monthly expenses. There is no shame in working at fast food, or anywhere else, for that matter. Fast food and many retail stores are always hiring, even during bad economic times. If I need help in paying my rent, this is where to look for help, by making a little more money.

If you cannot get an additional job, perhaps you can supplement your low income with online sources for making money. If you can write, you can make some extra money on sites, like this one. There are a few legit online survey sites. If you look around, you may be able to find assistance in paying rent in unusual places. If you cannot or will not use any of the government programs to help, this may be the way to go. Sometimes, when you need assistance in paying your rent, you have to take the offensive, and pull out all the stops so you don't get evicted.