Contacting Philanthropist Who Give Money

So you need money and want to know how to ask rich people for money? There are a number of articles on the Internet that will tell you to send letters to philanthropist who give money simply by getting their names from the Forbes list of Billionaire and Millionaires, looking up their company addresses online and sending out a bunch of letters explaining that you need money now.

Firstly, philanthropist who give money do not give money directly to individuals they do not know.  These rich people usually donate their money to foundations and charities and then the charities distribute these funds to those in need. By sending out all of these letters asking people to give you money, you could be wasting your own money in the process. Money that you could be using to spend on food, household expenses and other bills.

If you want to try this process of asking Billionaires and Millionaires for money, you should try doing it online via email instead of wasting money.  However, as stated before, contacting these rich people who give away money directly will probably get you no-where or they will direct you to the foundations that they donate their money to if you are truly in need of financial help.

So what am I saying? Don't get your hopes up when you see articles online saying you can ask these people for money just by sending them letters and hoping someone will send you a few bucks here and there.  It really doesn't work like that. Think about it, these companies don't know anything about you so why would they just send you funds because you send them a letter with a sob story? You could be anybody just making up any story.  Those who give away to charities to this so they don't have to worry about giving away funds to individuals and the charities have their way of giving the funds to people who really need it.

There used to be a time where you could write a letter to a company (if you were a college student) and ask them for money.  Some companies, like Coca Cola  have money set aside for charities and they usually try to use those funds. However, getting rich people or big companies to give you money is just not that simple anymore. If you are the head of a college club, sometimes it is easier to write directly to the company and ask them for money to promote a specific club event. Many companies and rich people openly support colleges and college clubs since the college itself acts as verification that the money will be going to the cause specified in your letter. Otherwise,  if you are an individual asking for money for your own individual plight, then you have to really deal with the foundations who they give their money to in order to help the poor.


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The best way to find out where to find people giving money away is to visit the Foundation Grants To Individuals Online.  You can also access this through your local library. Your local library is also a good source to find people giving money away through different charitable organizations.  Don't waste your time and money sending letters to philanthropist who give money.  If you want to contact them individually, then do it online so you don't waste money on stamps, and envelopes trying to find these sources of emergency cash.