No Job and Need Money-What Can I Do, I Need Money Now!!

If you have no job and need money, there are several things that you can do. You do not have to sufferer in silence because you need money new and don't have a job. The first thing you must do if you have no job and need money is to go to your state's welfare office.  See what you may qualify for.  The government is your best source of free money when you do not have a job.  However, when you don't qualify for government assistance or welfare, you will need to find another source of  reliable quick cash.


Go To a Pawn Shop

There are jewelry pawn shops that buy gold or other items from people and give them good money for it.  Do you have something you can pawn or sell?  This is a great source of quick cash for someone who needs money and doesn't have a job.  There are pawn shops in almost every neighborhood in the United States and also reputable online pawn shops.


Go To A Church Or Local Religions Organization

Churches will tell you what organizations can help you if they themselves can't help you. Ask the Church if you can use the church grounds or kitchen to do a bake sale.  You can also ask if you can use Church or religious grounds to have a fundraiser. Many fundraisers can bring in come good cash.


Have a Car Wash

Hey, don't laugh at the window washers who wash your windows when you stop at a traffic light. They are onto something. Put up signs in the neighborhood or go door to door and ask if they need their car washed.  You could start a mobile car-washing service business, or just do it until you find a good job.


Dial 211

211 in most states will get you an operator who will point you to the nearest place where you can get assistance to pay your rent, or get food assistance.


Have a Yard Sale

Sell, sell, sell!  When you need money and don't have a job, now is not the time to get sentimental about your belongings. If it is not nailed down to the floor, you can sell it.


 Teach Your Skills

If you have a skill that you can teach online, then sign up SkillShare will help connect you with people who want to learn your skill and even help you with a teaching platform. In return they get 15 percent of your fee.


Start a Service Business

Do you know someone you can clean for, cook for, or sew for?  A service business is the best thing for you to start when you don't have a job and need money right away.  Start by asking your friends and family if you can clean for them and charge them a fair price.  Do free cleanings in exchange for larger referrals.  You can also make quick cash by going from business to business and offering your services as a window washer.  Some people charge $10 just to clean the front windows of a local business.  You could set up something with the small business owner to come by at least two or more times weekly to wash his windows.  Any type of service business where you can start off small will work.


Hand Out Flyers On The Street hires people to hand out flyers for different types of promotions. You could earn up to $20 per hour working different advertising campaigns.


Take In Laundry and Ironing

This has been done for years when people need extra cash.  You will need to pick up the laundry, wash it, iron what needs to be ironed and fold all laundry neatly. Then return the completed laundry to the customer.  A good place to start is college campuses, friends and family, your neighbors and your church or religious community.  You don't need any type of license and it is as good as immediate cash even if you have to go to a laundromat.


Work Online company will pretty much hire you immediately.  You can write for them and the money will be automatically put into your paypal account.  There are also other places you can get jobs from that will allow you to work online such as and  Ratracerebellion also has a list of companies who hire for customer service jobs such as West At Home and American Airlines. Also, find out how you can get job leads from Craigslist daily: Press Here


Write Online

You can share your expertise by writing online for Infobarrel. This is a good source of income when you don't have a job.  You will be sharing your expertise with the public and you can help bring in some income for yourself.  Write about your hobby, likes, dislikes, social issues, whatever you like-and earn money while giving others good information that will help them. To sign up for Infobarrel: Click Here.

You can also bid for many different projects on  There are thousands of jobs that you can bid on where you can get paid quickly.  There is something on there for just about everyone.  Also try


Become a Picker

American Pickers on the History Channel popularized this profession, but people have been doing it for years.  Basically, you go to yard sales, junk yards, ask people to look through their junk and finds things that others might want.  Make a list of all the pawn shops and auctioneer in your town or city and then sell these items to them.  You can start off with little or no money and get money you need. Although it doesn't take any money to really get started picking, it does require hard work.

Recycling scrap metal is also filed under "picking."  Find a scrap metal dealer or recycling center to sell your scrap metal parts to.  You can make good money selling scrap metal, just do some reading about the subject.


Visit The National Association of Retail Marketing Service (NARMS)

If you have seen people who have table set up in supermarkets or card stands such as Hallmark and other card companies, chances are they got it through  Go to their websites and look through their job banks, if you have reliable transportation, you could be working in no time.


Go to

You can get paid $5 each time you perform a task.  Just go to their website, fill out your profile and list your skills.  It is a good source of getting the money you need.


Ask a Foundation

Millionaires give away money to foundations to help those who are poor and in need.  If you have no job and need money now, try asking a foundation who take money from the rich and give it out to the poor.  Many of these foundations give grants, the money is there, you just have to apply for it. You can read more about Foundation Grants To Individuals: Press Here.


Sponsor A Walk-A-Thon

Get your family and friends together to walk to raise money for both a charity and to help you pay your rent or buy food.  On the sponsor sheet, make sure it plainly states that the walk-a-thon will benefit both a charity and your family and explain why your family needs the money when you are getting donors for your walk-a-thon. Decide how many miles you are going to walk and make sure you actually do it.  This is a great way to bond with your family and friends, help a charity of your choice and also help your friends.  You can go door to door to get sponsors, go business to business to get sponsors, ask friends and family.  Check with the legality of splitting the money between yourself and an actual charity.  Get a receipt of your charity donation and photocopy it to give it to your sponsors.  10 to 20 miles is a good amount of miles to walk for your cause.  Make sure you also check with your doctor to make sure you and everyone doing the walk-a-thon is physically up to it. 

Apply At As Many Temp Agencies As You Can

If you do really well on your temp assignment, it will get you better jobs that last longer.  There is also a good chance you could get hired permanently.  When you go on temp jobs if you are looking for something permanent, ask to be put on "temp-to-hire" job assignments.


Christmas Club Accounts, IRA Accounts, 401K, Life Insurance

Any of these places where you have money, it might be a good time to use it.  If you are desperate for money today, it won't won't matter how much you have saved for tomorrow.


Sell Things On The Street

I'm sure if you have lived in larger cities like New York, Massachusetts or California, you have seen people selling things on the street, especially when cars stop for traffic lights.  You can stand out there with a can and a sign saying "I need money!" Or you can go out with a plan to sell something to the public. Again, Check with the legality of this in your city and state. People make a lot of money selling the right products.


Collect Cans And Bottles

Look for cans on the street, or in the garbage or ask neighbors to leave can for you to pick up.  You can make money from cans in two ways. First you can collect on the deposit, and second, you can turn them in for their scrap metal. So it doesn't matter how damaged the can is, you can still make money with it.  The homeless have done this for years. You can go online to check any bottle bill deposit laws in your state.


Sell At Flea Markets

You can buy things at the dollar store and sell them at flea markets. You can also try to sell the things you collected while picking at flea markets.  You can get a list of flea markets in the USA: Press Here.  Also, think about joining the National Flea Market Association. For a list of wholesale items to sell at flea markets and other vending gigs: Press Here.


Vending At Colleges

Colleges usually offer vending spaces on their college campuses for vendors.  You may have to pay a small vending fee, but with the right product, you could make the cash you need and you may also find this could be a very fruitful career. Contact the Student Services offices in charge of vending at the college or colleges you want to sell your products to.  You have a group of college students, so there is a lot that you can sell to them such as T-shirts, music, food, etc. College campuses are also a good place to find empty cans for your can recycling gigs.

If you are a good writer, you can also put up signs to write papers for students.  It  may be questionable, but certainly not illegal and can pay well when you need money quickly.  There are also quite a few of those vendors online who you can work through. Just do a search for "term papers online," or something similar.


 Join The Highest Paying GPT ("Get Paid To" Sites)

You simply fill out offers and get paid.  There is usually a certain amount you have to meet in order to get your payout, but if you are doing this full-time, that shouldn't be a problem. Sites like and are examples of a GPT site. Don't do too many at once and keep an accurate log of what you do.


Deliver Phone Books And Newspapers

Although this is considered a "kid's" job, when you are in need of money, these jobs can be pretty easy to get and can bring you in some much needed cash.


Sell Your Old Electronics (Cell Phones, E-Readers, MP3 Players, Etc.,)

You can sell your old electronics gadgets through companies such as that will help get you top dollar for different reputable companies.


 Become A Curb Painter

This is along the line of a service business. Remember, when you need to make quick cash, the best thing to do is start a service business.  A curb painter is someone who paints number on the side walk.  So you would contract with homeowners to paint their addresses on the side walk.  There are many benefits for this.  You will have to check city ordinances to make sure it is legal in yours state or what the legalities surround curb paint is.  However, you can charge anywhere from $20 to $100 to paint one curb.  You can paint several curbs per day once you get your appointments lined up.


Get A No-Fax-Payday Loan For Unemployed People

I listed this last because the last thing you want to do when you don't have a job is get into debt.  However, if you are desperate for money and don't have a job, a no-fax payday loan is the answer for you.  It works the same as other payday loans, except you can actually apply a no fax pay day loan even if you don't have a job so you can get emergency cash.


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