We have all been in a position where we know that we just will not make ends meet at the end of the month. What has gotten you to this point where all you can think is I need money now? First of all, don't panic, there are things you can do right now to have money in your hand by the end of the day. You may not like the options, but they will yield you cash almost immediately.

Borrow Money from Family or Friends

You may not want the humiliation of needing to explain why you need cash, but this is the quickest way to fill a temporary need. State the situation, offer terms, and be ready to put it in writing if you need to. You may be surprised how many people around you may be willing to lend a hand when they know your situation.

Get a Peer to Peer Loan

Much less embarrassing than borrowing from someone you know is to get a peer to peer loan. There are several companies which offer in peer loans on the internet, like Prosper.com and Lendingclub.com with rates between 7-19% these options cost less than payday loans and you have longer time frames to repay.

Payday Loans

If you are employed and need only a small amount of cash, payday loans may work for you. Be prepared to cough up 19% for the month on the principle and be willing to pay back the full amount within 30 days.

Sell Something

List something for sale on Craigslist. Because buyers are local, you will usually get the item picked up right away and get paid in cash at the same time. I have sold things via Craigslist postings and had cash in hand within a few hours for my efforts. One key, is to be sure that your items are blowout priced to get offers right away, and let buyers know that you need to sell today. Listing in such a way will usually generate a lot of interest in your ads by doing these two things.

When time is short and you find yourself in an "I need money now" bind, it is advisable to know your options before acting. Whenever possible, look for options requiring no money to make money, low interest and the best terms for repayment you can find. While any of these options might do the trick, some will sting less than others in the long term. Why make the recovery you are seeking more difficult than it needs to be by adding high interest rates on top of what you will ultimately need to pay back.