I need money now! - Are you a student just finishing up college or university? Or are you in your last year of high school, and just got that acceptance letter to your college or university of your choice, and have just seen the tuition bill?

As all students know, the summer job has been a ritual for generations to help with expenses for school. But with rising tuition costs, and slim pickings on the summer job front, this can get scary for a student trying to make their way through school without monster student loans!

If you have been lucky enough to land a summer job, but even with this money, you know it will not be enough, then you are going to have to get creative in making some extra money.

So, take a pad of paper, and with the help of friends or family sit down, and start brain storming ways to make extra money. Tell your family and friends "I need money now" This is not the time to be proud and hush hush about your tuition bill!.

Start with your family, if they are tapped out, then move out into the neighborhood and start looking for odd jobs you can do around your summer job.

There are the usual extra money jobs, such as

mowing lawns

painting fences

walking dogs



But here are a couple of jobs, that students have done quite well with in my neck of the woods, and I am sure this would work anywhere.

Car detailing.

Most of my neighborhood, will go to the car wash and wash the outside of the car, but when it comes to cleaning the inside, it just doesn't happen. Where I am, we have just come out of winter, and the inside of most of our cars, still reflect that! Extra mitts and gloves and emergency shovels, and empty coffee cups, are most likely still inside the cars along with salt stained floor mats and dust and dirt.

It is much easier to quickly spray the outside of the car at the local car wash, then to get down and dirty inside the car for a good clean.

Offer to detail your neighbors cars. Offer to do this right in their own driveway. Use their supplies when you are first starting out. Most people with a car will own a vacuum or a shop vac, and have a few cleaning supplies. If not, maybe invest in a few good cleaning supplies for yourself, such as car interior cleaners. You can usually get them in a kit, and some of those micro cleaning clothes that really pick up the dirt.

My kids did this, and one thing you don't want to forget are some "q-tips" these are great for cleaning the vent openings. Put a bit of cleaner on the q-tip and then clean the vents covers. Many of the newer cars have lots of directional vents, so by cleaning these, it really makes the car dashboard shine. Also q-tips work great around car stereos and radios.

So, by having a few supplies, you can get started. Many detailing shops charge upwards of $75.00 to detail the inside of a car, but you can give a good student rate of much less, and still make good money. After all, you are doing this in their own driveway and they don't have to drive it anywhere!

Even if you make $30 dollars, depending on how dirty the car is, a couple of them on the weekend, would give your $60.00 and you would still have enough time left over to have a "life", which is what many summer students complain about when they are having to work a couple of jobs.

House sitting, is another great extra money maker. In the summer, many people in your neighborhood are likely to go away, they need someone to water the plants, possibly take Rover for a walk and save on putting them in a kennel, or just make the house look lived in for security. You can still have a summer job and do this extra job on the side, without working 12 hour days!

Dog poo pick up.. I know you are probably wondering just how low you stoop for some extra money, but if you keep telling yourself "I need money now", then you will get through this job.

Most people, who are working long hours, will have something that they don't like to do, or will complain about doing, and just doesn't get done. So, the best way to make money now and this summer, is to identify these needs. Take any money you make from these extra jobs, and take it home immediately! Do not pass the store on your way home! Just get that money home and put it away. First chance you get, put it in the bank.

This way, any of that extra money doesn't find a way into your pocket, because if your pocket is lined with extra money on the weekend, and your friends drop by, this has trouble written all over it!

So, get any of the extra money away. If you have a regular summer job, that pays every week or two weeks, then take some of that money for fun. Set yourself up with a "fun budget" and stick to it. Hopefully any of your friends are in the same boat, which makes it easier to save.

So, by picking up a few odd jobs on the side, that don't take up lots of hours, this is a way to add money to your savings for that tuition bill or for extra expenses at school this fall.

Just to give you an idea, there is a local business around me, that charges $20.00 to come and pick up the poo from your backyard. They don't even take it away, they put it in the customers garbage, and they are already booked up! This just shows you how many people do not want to pick it up, but want a clean backyard. A few years back, this business would not have even existed. No one could imagine hiring someone to pick up dog doo doo from their yard, and yet this year they are busy as ever!

So, you need to let your neighborhood and friends and family know, I need money now, I am going to school this fall, and it is going to be expensive, so I am looking for extra work. You may be surprised by the response you get. You may just have started yourself a great little business, and knock down some of that student loan this year.