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Is there really tens of billions of dollars out there just ready to be claimed? According to Kevin Trudeau's latest infomercial and book "Free Money They Don't Want You To Know About," you can.  Kevin Trudeau has sold over 30 million copies of his books that he says hold secrets for every day Americans. The book outlines things that is readily available from government agencies and online. Some people may derive some benefit from this book, those who may not have time to search through government sources to find free money.  Or they may not have time to go to the library or look through all the others mountain of information out there that shows you how to get money that's due to your in the form of unclaimed cash or money from the government in the form of grants and other government programs.  For those who just want a book that will be able to categorize those sources neatly, then this book may be for you.  If you are looking for bombshell new information on getting instant cash free, you may be just a tad bit disappointed.

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First off , there is no such thing as "free money."  Many of the sources that Mr. Trudeau claims is free, is really your money money anyway-so it's not really "free".  You can go online to your state treasury office to look up unclaimed cash.  This unclaimed cash could be from Inheritance, Pension, old 401k accounts, stock accounts that you forgot or didn't know you had.  Each state should have an unclaimed cash directory where you can just enter in your name, address and or social security number and it will tell you how much unclaimed cash you have, if any. Many of these unclaimed cash systems are also online. 

If you have been up at night and have seen something that looks like an investigative report on "Free Money They Don't Want You To Know About called "Investigating Free Money," it is actually a paid commercial for "Free Money." So anyone who sees that on television, it is essentially an infomercial for "Free Money They Don't Want You To Know About." However, the infomercial is deceptive and makes you think it is an investigative report on the book. 

You can purchase to book if you like, and see what's in it yourself-only then will you know if it can be of any help to you to get this instant cash.  However, most of the reviews say that this is information you already known such as:

  • Sell your car to get instant cash
  • Apply for government grants to get guaranteed money
  • Pell Grants to go to school
  • Money from foundations
  • Unclaimed Cash directories

All of these sources are available online or through a local library or through a government agency. So, if you do decide to buy "Free Money, They Don't Want You To Know About," the best part about it is that if you don't like it, then Mr. Trudeau usually has an iron clad money back guarantee with all of his books so you can always return it.

However, from the review, Don't get your hopes up just yet. Read the books with a grain of salt and don't expect a miracle-especially if you are in dire need of cash.  If you are desperate for cash, the infomercial can make you feel as it it can be an answer to your prayers, however, have realistic expectations so that you are not taken aback and disappointed to find out that there may not be a real instant cash offer of that the guaranteed money resources are things you already knew about.

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