How To Make Money Without Worrying About It

Increase Your Wealth

I'd like to share my mistakes with money with you, so that you can make money, and keep it, and save it, and invest it, without all the worry that can go along with it.

  1. Thinking That My Main Problem Is Not Enough Money.   The problem with thinking only about money, and trying to get rich quick, is that you lose the long term perspective.  Long term thinking is what will make you rich, and short-term thinking is what will make you poor.  When you are eager to get rich quick, poverty is knocking at the door.  Just ask me!  I know, due to the credit card bills I racked up on different get rich quick schemes I tried.
  2. Forgetting About Providing Value To Others.  Some of the people I respect the most online are the ones who are extremely nice, generous, and helpful.  They work extremely hard to help other people, and to make the internet a better place.  They seek to teach, to write quality content, to show people solutions to their problems.  And they make a lot of money, through the law of indirect return. 
  3. Not Thinking About Money.  I know that I just talked about the importance of not being focused too much on my lack of money.  But I also made the mistake of thinking that it was wrong to think too much about money, and I stuck my head in the sand!  Make sure that you take time to think in the right way about money: not wishfully, but as an intelligent student.  Study personal finance, budgeting, and investing.  Learn about entrepeneurs, about business, and about marketing.  In doing so, you will become an expert about money, rather than being a victim of mindlessness.
  4. No Tracking System.  You've got to have a budget!  If you don't, then forget about getting rich.  You'll be the victim of chance.  It's been shown that those who track their calories lose twice as much as those who don't.  In the same way, you should know where every penny is going.  If you need help, seek it out.  Go to someone you know who seems smart about money.  It's never too late, but if you don't get a spending plan in place now, you'll be staring at mountains of debt down the line.
  5. Not Working on Myself.  You are your greatest asset!  Your skills, your knowledge, and your people smarts; your relationships, your experiences.  If you don't learn early on to get a personal growth and development program in place, you will be a victim of others who have done so.  Go to the library, read about personal growth and development, take classes at your work, or go to seminars.  The more you learn, the more you can earn.  The more valuable you become, the less expendable you will be!

I hope you found my mistakes helpful.  Do yourself a favor, and avoid making the same mistakes I have made :)