I Need A Car Now!

I need a car now but I only have $1000 to pay for it where should I look?  Buying a car for $1000 or less is not as hard as it may seem these days especially with the economic turmoil of 2008 to the present 2012.  If you have $1000 cash, you can get a car from a number of sources. You may have to put some more into the car at a later date to fix it up, give it a paint job or add extra features, but there should be no problem with you being able to find a used car for $1000 or less.  Just check these and other sources.


Look On Ebay For Used Cars For $1000 or Less

Ebay motors is a great place to look if you are trying to find a used car for $1000 or less.  Use Ebay's search features to put in the exact price, make and model of the car that you want. Or you can just do a general search for "cars for $1000" or "cars less than $1000."


City Or State Auctions

Check with your local city and state government about their next auctions for government seizure.  Many property that has been taken over by the government go on auction at a greatly discounted price to the public.


Pawn Shop

Yes pawn shops have cars too.  People do sell their cars to pawn shops when they are in desperate need of money.  Visit several pawn shops in your area, tell them your price range and let them show you what they have.  You can choose the best deal after comparing several.


Auto Mile

These is an "Auto Mile" in many cities. They are usually on the highway or in a large lot off a busy highway and they advertise themselves as an "auto mile."  It's because they have miles and miles of cars and vehicles, and many of them are at a huge discount.  Check in your local phone directory for the auto miles or large "used car lots" in your city or state.


Want Advertiser

The "Want Advertiser" operates in many states inside the U.S.  It is  a peer to peer magazine where people sell to other people.  They usually have a huge used automobile section where people have placed ads for cars, trucks, motorcycles and so forth that they want to sell.  No matter which state you are in, it is usually called the "want advertiser."



Craigslist operates a lot like the Want Advertiser.  Just check for your city and state and look for the used autos that they have on sale.  Contact the owner and see if you can get a better price.


Visit Car Repair Garages

Pay a visit to repair shops and garages in your area. Many mechanics may have cars that they have restored or can restore for you on sale.  This is a great place to find deals on used cars.


O.Com (Used to be Overstock)

You can also find used vehicles online through O.co used and clearance car section. They operate much like Ebay and they are a nationally recognized name.


Cars For A Grand

Carsforagrand.com is an online collection of sources where you can find a car for a grand or $1000.  If you are looking for a car for yourself, a child or even just a second car for your family, you can try looking on Cars For A Grand.


Family and Friends

Get on the phone and call around to family and friends an see who is considering buying a new car. If they are buying a new car, perhaps they will let their old car go for what you can afford.  You never know until you ask.