I need to get a job and I know that there are many millions of other people in my position. This issue of jobs and the credit crunch is on everyone’s lips these days and it is not really a surprise considering everyday it seems like another company needs to make redundancies. The fact that so many people are being made redundant means that any available jobs in a particular sector will be overrun with applicants and only the very finest applicants will succeed.

The fact that I need to get a job is something that is becoming increasingly urgent. The sector that I am experienced in is becoming flooded with the newly redundant and the fight is getting more difficult for each new position. The next thing to do is to start looking at jobs in other sectors, sectors where I have no qualification or experience, but is it possible to make a smooth transition into a new sector without any experience and just how can I do it?



One of the best things that I can do when I need to get a job is to re-train. Millions of people have to re-train and get qualified in other areas completely different to what they were used to. Luckily that is relatively easy these days. There is no need to have to enroll in a college and attend five days a week with all the other teenagers. We can now take advantage of home study internet courses.

Home study internet courses cover almost every subject imaginable and a person can get qualified in almost any profession. The certificates granted for successful completion of most courses are the same or equally recognized by most employers. Exams will still need to taken and the studying is likely to be just as difficult.

The main difference with this new way of studying is the fact that it is very convenient. As an adult needing to re-train this is very handy because I can fit studying around other aspects of my life. Studying can also take my mind off the fact that I need to get a job.



Okay so working for free doesn’t appeal to everyone and it doesn’t really address the real issues regarding why I need to get a job which is money. But long term this can be a very shrewd and beneficial move. Not only will it help to pass the time, but it means you can still maintain your skills or in some cases learn new ones.

There are many different organizations that will allow a person to volunteer their services. Companies making cutbacks will be glad to have someone volunteer their services for free. Public service departments like the Police, Ambulance and Army are also keen to take on volunteers. This all gives a great opportunity for me to learn new skills which will look good on my CV and hopefully make me look more attractive to another employer.

These new skills could be used to convince a potentially new employer that my lack of experience should not be an issue. Volunteering for places like charity organizations can also have the advantage of giving a feeling of doing something positive for the world which is certainly a good compensation for the lack of financial reward. Plus the fact that an organization might see that I need to get a job and offer me a position.

Create Your Own Job


Well this is something you may not have done if you were not forced out of a job but now is a good opportunity to build up some new skills, running your own business. There are lots of different things that you could consider doing a business in. This will most likely still require some re-training in order to get the basics, but it can lead to a successful and enjoyable business.

There are opportunities to operate a business online or take up something that you enjoy doing and turning it into business. It can take some time to get fully up and functional, but many online businesses do not require a lot of investment and if done correctly it can be very successful.

This is a sound option because if successful it will mean no longer relying on another employer. It will essentially mean responsibility for one’s own destiny. This is clearly not a completely secure option because there is no guarantee that the business will successful enough make a living from but it is just one more option to consider.

Take Your Skills To Another Country

Work AbroadCredit:

Okay so this one may not be appealing to everyone but it still doesn’t make it any less of an option. Just because there is too much demand for my skills in this country doesn’t mean that it is the same in other parts of the world. If your situation allows it why not move to another country where your skills are more in demand.

If you have a good transferable qualification and skill then it will be very easy to relocate to another part of the world. Some other countries such as Australia are in need of certain specialized skills and so will gladly give you a working visa and walk you into a new job. If the skill is in high demand then it is likely that you can command even more money.

This is an excellent way to broaden your horizons and experience another culture and it is not likely to have been something you would have considered I had you not been made redundant.

In Summary

I know I need to get a job but there are many other things that I would have been likely to consider if I was not in this position. This is a perfect opportunity to broaden the horizons and think outside the box so to speak. The job market might be a little bare but there are plenty of other opportunities opening up all the time and we just have to active in trying to find them.