Help.. I need to make money now! If this is you, then before you hit the panic button, keep your head and make a list of why you need money now.

I need to Make Money Now - Do you need to make rent?

If yes, then you need to come clean with the landlord, there is no point in playing ostrich and burying your head in the sand and hope it all goes away. Not all landlords are nasty! But if you pull one over on them, then they will take action. If this is the first time you are going to be late with rent, or not be able to pay the whole thing, then go to your landlord and explain the situation, BEFORE they try and deposit your check and get hit with returned check fees!

As a landlord, I would rather hear about the problem before the rent is due, unless you think you can come up with some miracle money, you need to own up.

If you are on good terms with your landlord, is there a way to deal with this? By telling them upfront, then they are aware that you are trying to get the money. Give them ideas of what you are going to do about the late rent. There is nothing worse than hearing "I need to make money now, but don't know how I am going to get it" They would prefer to hear some kind of pro-active ideas.

A friend of mine was let go from her company because they went bankrupt, she didn't even get her last check. She lived closed to the wire, so of course this affected her ability to pay the rent. The rent was due in 5 days, she didn't know what to do, and hoped that that last paycheck would just magically appear in the next 5 days. Finally she decided she should talk to the landlord. The landlord was not happy, but came to an arrangement, that she would pay what she could right now, and something per week until she was caught up. This worked out for both of them, and she got another job.

If you have been a good tenant up to now, the landlord would just as soon work with you, but if you don't come forward, or appear pro-active to the situation, then they are going to feel like they are being used. So, come clean.

I need to Make Money Now - Do you need to pay your utility bills?

Did you have to make a choice between rent and your utilities?. With the economy the way it is, this his happening all over. Many people are either losing their jobs or having their hours cut back, or waiting for unemployment benefits.

If this is the case, you HAVE to phone the electric company, and tell them the situation BEFORE the electric bill is due. Don't wait until you are getting reminder notices, to suddenly realize that you can't pay this bill. You know yourself, whether you can pay this bill ahead of the date. By being pro-active, and not telling them a big long story, just stick to the facts, you will help keep your electricity on. They don't want to turn it off, because then they know the chances of getting any money out of you is nil.

If you have ten bucks, offer them that.. anything until you can get on your feet, then start conserving your utilities. This is not the time to fire up the hot tub!, or leave every light on! This shows them you are trying.

Once you have told everyone you will owe money to, start looking around your place and start culling your stuff! Find something you can sell. Have a garage sale, take some of your good clothes to a consignment shop. Some will pay you up front, others when they sell. But do it anyway, because this could be money that comes in for next week or next month.

Multi-task. Just think "I need to make money now" and look at everything. Another way to make some quick money, is to go out in your neighborhood (this works only if you know your neighbors) and offer to walk their dogs for them. Offer them a deal if they can pay in advance.. See if you can set them up on a schedule. Many working people don't have time to walk their dogs. Offer to pick up dog poo from the yard. Anything they would not want to do, they may pay you to do!

If you live in an apartment, check with your neighbors, put up a notice on the board.. If this doesn't bring in enough money, offer to clean apartments or houses or offices. You could start with your landlord.

Remember my friend I talked about earlier? She loves her apartment and although she got another job, she is always about 50 dollars short for the rent, so she cleans the landlords apartment. This works out for them both. She has also started doing some shopping for some seniors, and some sewing repairs for others. She has actually started to get ahead, and is busy all the time with these extra jobs and loves them.

I need to make money now

Do you pay all your bills and yet have empty pockets? You simply need to be making extra? Then you can try some of the above ideas, or if you have the internet this may be a good time to start a blog about needing to make money! Sign up with, as this is free, and get familiar with the site and get hooked up with adsense to make money with your blog.

Write about things you know, that you can keep adding to your blog on a regular basis. Right now, you know all about trying to make extra money right? Start a blog about that.. send a email to your friends to let them know you have started this blog, put you blog link on your face book page if you have one, and get the word out. This is called viral marketing, and is free.

This way of making money takes a bit longer, but if you can keep the blog updated and fresh people will start to notice it and hopefully you will make some passive income. You should take any passive income you make and put it away in a savings account. You were used to living without it right?

Put it away so that you are not yelling "I need to make money now" ever again! This is now your emergency account. When you want to buy that next pair of shoes, just remember the stress of that time you almost didn't make the rent, and that should put you off buying anything until you have built up at least 3 months rent for "just in case" and you know what that feels like right? You will be able to say "been there done that" put that in your blog!