Tired of thinking - I need a new job? Whether you are are dealing with unemployment, being laid off or simply looking for work in a different or better paying field; here are some things to consider before job hunting.

Find a New Job

What Goals/Factors Do I Need to Consider Before I Decide I Need a New Job?

Really break it down and consider just exactly what your goals over the next 1, 5, 10, 20 + years are and how a new job may affect those goals. Here are just some of the questions you should and can ask yourself.

Career Goals: Are you looking for or wanting to get a new job right now that you can spend the rest of your life doing? Are you looking to find a new job that offers advancement? Something that requires minimal time and skill - or something that looks to provide constant new challenges to test your capabilities and keep you from getting board? Do you just want a change of pace and something to pay the bills? Or...?

Financial Points: Can you afford to make a career change right now? Are you looking to buy a house, a car - get married, have children - if so when and how will a job change affect those financial responsibilities? If it makes them possible - great, if it pushes them further away or your work change makes them less attainable it is up to you to decide which is most important to you.

Timing: Are you going to start job hunting immediately and then put in notice when you get a new job? Do you intend on quitting first and then applying to more appealing job positions? A suggestion would be to find a new job or several that you know are hiring, that you qualify for and submit some applications before calling it quits at your current employment. Should you get an interview - be up front during the application process that you have just recently put in notice at work. This can allot you a little time for due notice at your current place of employment before starting the new job.

Understanding What is Driving you to Find a New Job.

Occasionally the need vs. the want balances out and can share a lot of the same reasoning. It is important however, to clearly understand and consider what the differences are as often a change of career can have a great impact on ones life. So, it is important to make sure you want a new career for all the right reasons. If you figure it takes finding jobs you would want to do, meeting qualifications, submitting an application, getting an interview and actually getting the job - that is not always as cut and dry as you'd like.

Needing a new job is for people who are unemployed or are struggling at their current place of employment with irreconcilable differences, no advancement opportunities, small scale wages or salaries or other things that they do not have the ability to change but that affects their lives and or work. Merely wanting a new job is for those who think their boss sucks, doesn't like the uniforms and who simply dislike or have become bored with what they do. So which one are you?

Still thinking - I need a New Job? Where to Start Looking and Way to Find a New Job.

Help Wanted Ads

Local newspapers are one of the best places to start when you are job hunting. This saves the guesswork of trying to figure out who is hiring and for what positions. These listings are actually placed by businesses and employers searching for potential employees to fill a need or opening. With classifieds you can often get the majority of the required information including required skills and qualifications and whether or not you meet them, without ever leaving your home.

Online Job Classifieds such as Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com can offer up some great job openings and often the submitters provide great details regarding what they are looking for.

A word of warning though if you opt to use online classifieds to find a new job - over the past few years there are a lot of listings making it through that are deceptive. These often consist of work from home scams or affiliate programs asking for a small fee or making unbelievable claims as to what you can earn daily/monthly.

Check around locally at businesses who normally offer positions in work fields that you are interested in. Not every company has a need to advertise job openings or perhaps they have an opening coming up or that has just recently become available. You can make your inquiries both over the phone and in person.

In person is your best move when you are out to get a new job. A face to face visit will allow you to obtain an application in person whether or not a position is available so that should one become available you can save yourself some time, it is also good to get a feel of the surroundings and possibly what would be expected of you as an employee.

If you choose to communicate about a job opening via the telephone be sure to ask whether or not they have a website where job openings can be viewed and whether or not applications can be printed and or submitted via their website.

To finish up - when you come to the point in time when you are telling yourself - I need a new job - and you know that going out to get a new job is a move that you are definitely going to make - remember to be patient but be vigilant. Not every job is going to be a winner and not every open position is going to be the right one for you so should you not get a call back or the position is filled by someone else - don't give up. The right job is out there and you will find it! Good luck and happy job hunting!