Why am I wasting all of this time writing down all the junk I've learned over the years? A simple question and one I ask myself every day. Someone told me if I could write a decent article, then I could make a few bucks by listing them with an article directory like InfoBarrel. I figured why not, I'll give it a shot.Write Them Down

The last thing I was expecting was to actually learn more then I offered. This was however the case and continues to be as I mature as a writer with the generous help of the forums where I write. These folks take lots of time out of their busy day to nurture their fellow contributors and help to make the site better as a whole.

Coming into this writing thing was supposed to be a place for me to share my life's experience with a global reach. To pass on the multitudes of things I've come across and what I thought of some of them. I would imagine that many writers go into this type of work with similar aspirations.

When InfoBarrel became the place I began writing my view of the on line writing game would change in a hurry. I quickly learned who to listen to and who to follow. The right people here can help you become a success and they are happy to do so.

After putting out a substantial amount of material and finding several comfortable niche areas that have pretty good paying keywords, I spend more time now in the forums following the multitudes of helpful links and posts that are sending me in the direction of increased income.

So now when I sign on to this vast information warehouse I don't get overloaded, I don't get crammed up with thoughts about what I'm going to write. I simply open an InfoBarrel forum post and I see what all the intelligent gossip in there tells me to write.

It's really easy because somewhere in the first few threads the ideas start to float into my head and before you know it I'm pumping out words and they actually make sense and then three or four months later I start to earn a little income from the information I've researched and provided.

I can't see very far into the future, as the horizon in this business is always a little cloudy, but for right now I think I'll just keep picking things up and writing them down.

Why I Chose InfoBarrel

Where Else?

Where else can you go to choose your own titles write an article that is done when your happy with it and get resulting income. Quite a few places actually but none as straightforward and transparent as IB. This is a site that's run by people who actually care about the contributors and their opinions.

This conscientious attitude along with great Internet skills and solid work ethic have brought this site to the brink of fame and fortune. A name for constant quality oriented help and how to articles truly written to add value to the Internet users end experience.

There are many other sites to write for and some will have a few of the benefits that IB has. The difference is that you probably won't find them all in one place and the forum here is so user friendly and supportive that it simply can't be beat in my humble opinion.

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