Making Friends

With work, family obligations, housework and more, it is becoming harder and harder for women to keep in touch with good friends, or make new ones. And, yet studies show, that for a feeling of well being, socializing is necessary to recharge our batteries.

Before you start thinking.. "I don't have the time" it doesn't take much to boost your mood. A simple 1/2 coffee break with a friend can make your day.

It is not like in school, where you just bumped into everyone in the hallway, you have to make an effort to get together. Even if this means scheduling a lunch date, or coffee or an evening. But what if you have just moved to a new town for work, and you just haven't been able to meet new friends?

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How to Make New Friends

Here are a few ways to get started making friends:

1. Sign up for a night class, pick something enjoyable, such as pottery, or a craft, where you will intermingle with the class, or a book club.   Get online and google your city or town for classes or clubs that are going on.

2. Look in your paper for free events going on in your new community. Such as a book signing at the local book store, or concerts etc. Smile, and look approachable. Maybe share your views with someone else there to break the ice.

3. Maybe you work with someone, you would like to get to know better, compliment them on something they are wearing or share a joke. Anything to break the ice.

4. Join a gym. Get to know others that have the same fitness goals as you, and share your goals, or go for coffee after your workouts. Maybe schedule your workouts together or take a spin or dance class within the gym.  Even if you only ever meet at the gym, this is a good way to spark a friendship.

5. Rekindle with  old friends, you have to actually organize something. Everyone gets so busy, and before you know it, you are only sending Christmas cards to each other.

If your friends aren't organizing anything, and everyone "means to get together" then you should take the bull by the horns and organize a lunch, coffee, walk in the park.. something, and that will get the ball rolling.

With the internet it is easy to simply put out an email to everyone and state a date and time for lunch or coffee, and this way it is more likely to happen.

Once your old friends realize how much fun it was to get together, almost like old times, then you can come up with a weekly plan for other fun dates. You just need to get started.  After you have a great "fun date" then while everyone is together get out a calendar and make a new date for the next one.

With new friends, you need to create memories, and fun, such as outings or joining a class and talking about it over coffee afterwards. Before you know it, you will feel happier and having a good social support circle is good for your health.

One study revealed that you were 22% less likely to get sick, when you are socializing with friends, old and new!

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sometimes just getting started with a simple conversation will open the doors to new friendships.