This is the first article of a series of writings that are meant to shed light on a hot topic: jobs within hospitals that do not involve any physician or nursing positions. Is there such a thing? Of course there is. Actually, we could be using the plural, as there are several wonderful hospital jobs that are strongly related to the more administrative side of a hospital’s activity. Here is one of them:
Medical coding and billing. According to the official web site of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be no less than 3 million new jobs the health care system is going to create within the next 5 years. Our increasing population, the elderly who need extra care giving, the new technologies and medical practices that are on the rise, the introduction of health awareness within schools and public or private institutions, everything seems to indicate the direction we are heading towards. Hospital administrators and medical coding and billing experts are just a couple of the trendiest specialists who are prone to be looking at some amazing requests and opportunities for the future.
Medical coding and billing experts need to attend a great accredited school that can prepare them for their career; once they manage to locate an excellent college, whether it is an on-campus or an online college or university, they can learn how to work with medical codes such as CPT (the Current Procedural Terminology) or ICD-9 (which is code for the International Classification of Diseases) and make sure hospitals are getting their payments and that their relation with insurance companies runs smoothly. Also, medical coding and billing specialists will be able to describe all necessary surgical and diagnostic or medical services and make full use of universal numbers to do so.
What these careers in medical coding and billing, a medical coding program, have to offer could bring you a technician position and a salary of up to $62,500 per year for a neuropsychiatry coding technician. A rheumatology coder could be looking at some salaries of up to $57,800 a year, while plastic surgery coders or interventional radiology coders could earn up to $50,900 per year. These figures greatly vary according to the state you live in.  Big areas such as Chicago or Los Angeles  are prone to bring you some fatter checks, while smaller local areas should present you with some smaller offers. Nevertheless, the number of years of experience you carry around in your pocket is also a highly important aspect that needs to be factored in by the time you will think about doing a career swap.   
Schools such as Performance Training Institute, which is still being considered the primary career training organization concentrating on aiding its students to develop their employment opportunities, Allied Schools, LA College International, Allen School or Virginia College Online are just some of the alternatives you have in terms of education. 
Pick one of these and get your degree in medical coding and billing in order to build your steady and rewarding career for the future.medical coding program