I want to become a private tutor, but I'm not sure what I need to do. There are many things to consider when you consider this type of career. How much do I charge? Do I need a college degree? How do I advertise? These are all important things to think about carefully. If you want to become a private tutor, here are some of the answers you'll need to think about.

Why do I need an education?

You don't necessarily need a college degree if you want to become a private tutor, but it would really help your cause. It only makes sense that in today's world, you give yourself every opportunity to succeed. Those looking for your services will be striving for the same thing. If you have a college degree, in either a related field or teaching, you will have a better chance of beginning a successful business. I want to become a private tutor, why do I need to get an education?

1. Better pay: The people that would be using your service are trying to improve grades or knowledge, generally to help them out in life success. If you have a college degree you gain instant credibility, and can typically charge more. If you want to become a private tutor, an education will really help.

2. Credibility: You'll find that you are taken much more seriously when you have a degree to back you up. Proudly display your educational accomplishments and your clients will take notice.

3. Business loans: If your business takes off, you will have a better chance of getting a business loan through your bank. This may not be important when you want to become a private tutor just working from your home. However, if your business takes off, you may wish to grow. If you cannot secure financing, that possibility is much slimmer.

4. Advertising: It just makes perfect sense to flaunt your education in your advertising. Because you will get more credibility, it will improve the effectiveness of the advertising. This can quickly translate into a much more successful business venture.

5. Easier to get hired: If you want to work for someone else, you can become a private tutor much easier if you have the education the employer is looking for. Generally speaking, more will be better.

How much education do I need?

Generally speaking, if you want to become a private tutor, you will need to have enough education to gain credibility. Many of the people working in this field are certified teachers. As you can imagine, this gives them instant credibility. Certifications are sort of funny though, since you are actually trying to impress your clients. How much you need can really vary. In some areas, a technical college degree or even certifications may be sufficient. In areas of high competition, you will likely need much more. I want to become a private tutor, how much education will I need? How long will this take?

1. Teaching degrees: These come in all sorts of lengths and levels. For many, a bachelors degree in sufficient. Others may want to consider masters. In areas without a lot of competition, a technical college level education may be sufficient. You can plan on spending anywhere from 2-8 years or more in school when you want to become a private tutor.

2. Certificates: This can be accomplished in hours, not years. There are many programs out there taught at local tech school and college campuses. A teaching certificate can look really great on your resume. If you want to become a private tutor, having several certificates will only help your cause. They command respect and help to gain you instant credibility.

3. Experience: Those with a lot of experience may choose to focus on it. If you want to become a private tutor, and you have lots of experience, but little education, it may be okay. You simply need to focus on what you've done, not what you've been taught.

If college is out of the question:

Those that cannot go to school, for any reason will need to focus on either their knowledge or experience. This can be very effective if you have plenty of experience to fall back on. If you are lacking in experience, you may need to show your knowledge. This is especially true when you are looking to work for someone else. If you can focus on a specialized area, you will have better success in most cases. There are some great benefits to working for another company. If I want to become a private tutor, there are some benefits I will gain from working for someone else.

1. Experience: You will gain valuable experience, making you more employable in the future. Those looking to start up their own business in this field will be able to advertise their experience, making them more credible.

2. Learning the ropes: You will find that if you want to become a private tutor, there is much involved with lesson plans and other areas. You will be able to learn some of the ways to increase success for your student.

3. Regular pay: This is one of the biggest factors. If you want to start your own business, you may find that gaining clients is difficult in the beginning. This may mean little or no money coming in for some time. When you decide to become a private tutor working for someone else, you will have more regular paychecks.

4. Clients: You will begin to build relationships with student and their parents. In the future, if you want to become a private tutor in your own business, you may be able to keep some of your clients. This can make the business venture much easier and more successful.

I want to become a private tutor. As you can see, what you need to do in terms of education can really vary quite a bit. You really need to think long and hard about what you need to do, and what you are willing to do. You can make it in this business.