Many write letters to their favorite athletes or movie stars and await anxiously for replies. In many cases you are waiting for a handwritten personal letter from the person you admire most but only receive a "canned" box reply from a underling or secretary that thanks you for your letter.

None of your questions you asked were ever answered and you are terribly let down.

Do not despair. There is a correct and incorrect way to write a letter to a celebrity from a fan.

Verify you have the most recent and complete address for your mail delivery. There are times when addresses for celebrities change because the mail is generally sent to an office of the celebrity's staff such as agents, managers or other offices before being forwarded to the person you are trying to contact.

Don't type out your letter on the computer and print it. Handwritten letters catch attention. Write so that your handwriting is readable or legible. These letters are less likely to see the shredder or inside of the trash can or returned with the "canned" thank you reply.

Keep it fairly short. If your letter is two to three pages and 25 paragraphs, it is definitely much too long and chances are will be ignored. Make your points and keep it fairly short.

A terrific idea to stand out from the rest of the mailed letters is using an envelope that is different than the standard white. Try a colored or designed envelope. You can usually purchase these with retail stationary sets. Although everyone is used to texting and emailing, they do still sell retail stationary. This will allow your letter to be easily picked out from the hundreds they may possibly receive.

Include an envelope that is ready to be returned to you, self-addressed. This is another way to ensure that you will get your letter back from your admired. You saved them a little money and it makes certain your letter is returned to your correct address.

The more fame a celebrity has the less likely you are to receive a personal letter back. You can imagine the more fame, the more letters they are receiving from hundreds or even thousands of fans just like you.

Go ahead and writer your letter with the tips outlined here. Wait for your personal letter because there are many times when you do get the reply you await.

The chances of your mailbox being empty are greatly reduced when writing the correct fan letter.