You had a fight with your boyfriend. Then you reconciled. There is really no problem with that. Fights are common.

Sometimes they are even essential for relationships to grow. But if this fighting and reconciling cycle goes over and over again, one of you might get really pissed off that a break up will eventually happen.

If this thing happens to you but you still want to have another chance, what will you do? Here are some tips to help you answer your question 'how to get my ex boyfriend back?'

The first thing is to get a chance to talk to him so the two of you can talk things out. To some this will be easy but to others it will not. This will all depend on the way your relationship ended.

If you feel that asking your ex boyfriend will be difficult you can consult The Magic of Making Up for help.

Once you get the chance to have a date with him again do your best not to blow it away by saying the wrong things. Nagging won't help.

Being too humble by apologizing too much will also not work always. This might just put you in deeper trouble because by doing it you will just prove that you were at fault. When you talk, always be open to what he will say.

Do not be combative but do not also be too submissive. Always find solutions where both of you will do something. By the way, you must also prevent yourself from appearing too desperate. Desperate girls are always a total turn off.

Sometimes girls use intimacy to make their how to get my boyfriend back plan work. Sometimes it will work but that isn't always the case. You see, after the steam has faded and the intimacy gone, the problems you have will surface again. There is a right timing for that.

The best way to reconcile is to work together to resolve your concerns. Both of you has to take part in this. But since it is you who is asking the question how to get my boyfriend back, it is up to you to convince him to do his share.

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