Play Scrabble

I want to play scrabble on the net, but how? First I would have to find a website which allows me to play scrabble on the net. One of the best sites to try is the InternetScrabbleClub at, which is a popular choice on the internet. You need to register a name with them and install their program. You would need that program in order to connect to the server for you to play scrabble on the net with others. With this program, you can connect with players worldwide and challenge them. Alternatively, you could also try

I want to play scrabble on the net, but I do not know how to the game works. No problem! If you do not wish to participate now, you can also observe games played by others. This is a good way to learn the nuts and bolts and also improve your skills. By watching other people play scrabble on the net, you can analyse their strategies and also learn new vocabulary in the process. If that is not your cup of tea, there are also many tutorials teaching you to play scrabble on the net. A Google search for instructions will get you the results that you want. If you are learning with a friend, one of you could create the game and challenge each other.

I already know the rules, but I want to play scrabble on the net with good players. There is a simple solution for this. The rating system in the games allows you to gauge the strength of your opponent. When seeking games, you are able to choose your opponent's strength, so you can decide on the level of challenge that you are willing to take on. This would be a good way to train your skills and know how good you are. Start by playing with the lower rating players and as you get better, you can choose to play scrabble on the net with those people with a higher rating. This serves as a challenge for you to beat better rating opponents so that your ranking will go up too.

I want to play scrabble on the net, so I need an online dictionary to help me check the allowed words in the game. You are mistaken if you think that the words used when playing are similar to those that you learnt from school. There are many legal phrases that can be used in the game which are hardly used in our daily lives. Specifically, there is a two letter word list and a three letter word list to use when playing. Knowing these lists by hard will definitely help you if you want to play scrabble on the net. Many of the professional players use them to their advantage to gain bonus scores. As there are many dictionaries available, you need to choose the dictionary that you wish to use when creating or joining available games. This can help clear the confusion about the words used while playing as different dictionaries permit different words.

photo credit-Jaymarr