Send Money to China

“I want to send money to China online,” is one of the many thoughts of people, especially Chinese immigrants, who want to send money back home in a much easier and efficient way. These Chinese immigrants may live anywhere throughout the world, ranging from the United States to a variety of other countries. In the past, one's desire to send money back to China was really quite limited to bank to bank transfer or flying back home and handing the money personally. These methods of sending money back to China were very expensive and time consuming. However, due to the advent of new technologies and the increase in the number of people sending money, alternative and more improved ways to send cash to China have been introduced recently.

One such money sending service that has been introduced internationally are money transfer services. Two of the most famous providers of money transfer services are MoneyGram and Western Union. They have offices around the world which allows one to transfer and receive money from all over the world. For a while, this service was enough but due to the continuous increase in the number of cash senders, which in time also became time consuming as one needs to fall in a long line, another method of sending money was introduced. The thought of “I want to send money to China online,” in lieu with the fast development of the internet, led to the development of sending money online. Now, there are new methods of sending money which can cater to the rapid growth in the number of people needing the service.

These new methods allow one to transfer money online. So if I want to send cash to China online and I have a credit card I can choose between money transfer online or PayPal. Money transfer providers like Moneygram and Western Union now offer transfer online services and fees vary by service provider. PayPal on the other hand send money using PayPal balance and the credit card is only usually used for verification of account unless you want to use your card. This is a good option if the money is not needed immediately. On the other hand, if I don’t have a credit card, I can just opt to use my debit card provided my bank account allows transfer to China and vice-versa and that the receiver has an existing bank account from the same company. It is probably the cheapest and most practical way of sending money especially when money is needed immediately. However, fees may vary depending on the bank. With these three new different ways to transfer money, one need not to think about on how “I want to send money to China online,” can be made possible.