If quantcast.com and alexa.com graphical trends are any indicator, Info Barrel is positioned rather nicely to become one of the most prominent article submission, revenue sharing, website platforms utilized by a worldwide user base of skilled freelance writers. Accompanying these significant monthly jumps in website ranking is an 'authority' expert status that has gained increasing favor in the most predominant search engines, like Google and Yahoo. Many Info Barrel users are already able to predict a rather sizable dedicated and passionate membership growth, along with many high quality articles, that will make the collective revenue potential of all involved that much greater as time goes by.

This is truly passive income at its finest.

With that said, as this article commemorates my 178th submitted article on Info Barrel, I would like to open this article up to as much community participation by doing something truly unique (and, I'd like to think "ingenious", although we shall see if that is the case.) As new writers continually join Info Barrel, with each day, I would like to do all that I can to make them feel at home here. Knowing that they will likely be long term members, I began to think about what I could possibly do to 'give back' to the community. I have commented on articles galore, and have done everything I can to provide information, answers, and support, to all those who ask me here on Info Barrel. Partnered with leading Info Barrel contributor, jcmayer777 (Jason), we have accrued a rather nice passive income, just from using Info Barrel.

I do admit, focusing on the collective welfare of the Info Barrel community, through helping, supporting, commenting, and promoting high quality articles, will only serve to benefit every one involved. I will explain. As passionate members are continually drawn to Info Barrel, their submitted high quality articles will only serve to expand Info Barrel's already massive repertoire of articles. With this depth of awesome website page content has come, and will come greater, authority and favor in the search engines that will ultimately lead to greater collective earnings on Info Barrel.

While I have yet to see how this works, I would like to utilize this article, and its comments section, to invite fellow members to submit their own articles. Although this may end up being alot of work on my end, I would like to offer each person, that posts a link to their article on this thread, a completely FREE link from any one of my articles. Unfortunately, I do realize that one of my articles may have nothing to do with your chosen article, or may be very difficult to link from. I expect this to happen, and, I'm prepared to write an entirely new article in order to link to your article.

Dependent on the amount of responses, you may have to give me some time to write a new article, but, true to my word, I will do it, even if it takes me a few days to a week to do it. I'll research what I have to, and try my hardest to strive for the same quality of article that I have sought in my 177 previous Info Barrel articles. Whether it is a new or old article, I welcome you to post a link to it in my comment's section here! Whether it is about cooking or fly fishing, the Bible or a holiday themed article, I will do my very best to write an article that is worthy of being linked from.

Because many of my articles have been able to attract several hundred visitors already, this offer presents a tremendous opportunity to both new and seasoned Info Barrel veteran writers alike. In the event that there are alot of comments, and alot of demand, I may have to recruit the assistance of other members, like my friend jcmayer777 (Jason). Either way, I rest assured that you will have one of your articles linked to. This is our way of saying 'welcome' to the Info Barrel community, and we really hope that you'll enjoy your stay and we'll do our very best to teach you many of the same tricks and tips that wev'e learned, that we've applied to become rather successful ($$$) on Info Barrel.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....