A simplest alphabet, the most dangerous

The letter “I” is the simplest letter. It can also denote as “1”. This little character is a devil in disguise. Do you know, this “I” is the greatest culprit in one’s life? I am the biggest ego; the simplest of letter but the worst of character. Once agitated “I” becomes a terror. “I” has a dual character. One spectrum, “I” is the perfect embodiment of civilization, and on the other spectrum “I” creates evils that no other beings can ever see in their imagination.

At the slightest tap, “I” can feel insulted and angry beyond comprehension. With a little sugary touch, “I” can melt your heart. I am the biggest ego is beyond compare. It is so big that you better beware. The more important this “I” is, the bigger will be its ego. At the slightest provocation, you would be dead. This type of “I” is a curse to society. This type of “I” has zero tolerance for impropriety.

Fortunately we have the “I” whose ego is pliable, amiable and lovable. This “I” is always mindful of the good against evil. Those who are blessed with this type of “I” live happily and peacefully with the society. They are peaceful citizens of the world, spreading love, goodwill and gaiety.

The letter

The letter "I"

Who am

This world displays the balance of the opposites, or what the Chinese called the Yin Yang principle, the harmony of opposites. In this world we see this “harmony” of the opposites, not that they create harmony for our lives, but display the duality as it is. Birth and death; day and night; good and evil; cold and heat. The “I” itself has its duality, a sort of a balance of two sides. In each “I”, there is the good and the bad ingrained inside. It is incumbent of “I” to realize the advantages of actualizing the good, and to subdue the bad. The ego within this “I” must be tamed, and trained to live a noble life, a happy life, a peaceful life, that “I” should have.

Replace "I" with "We"; even "Illness" will become "Wellness"!

Who am I? I am the “I”. Where is the ego? The ego is inside the “I”. The ego of I.

If you can’t understand; never mind!