I love Christmas time.  It gives me so many hints as to where the good stuff lives in my neighborhood and the neighborhoods of people I don’t even know.  Why is that a good thing you say?  Well, my career in crime takes a great jump each year at Christmas time because I don’t have to stake out the places I want to break in to.  No, everyone is so very kind by putting their empty boxes of x-boxes, large screen flat panel televisions, computers etc. right out on the curb for everyone to see.  I know they’re proud of their new purchase or gift but it sure makes my life a life easier when I don’t have to search for my next victims.

I have needs too.  When I visit my local big-box retailer I walk slowly by the televisions, electronics etc. and wish I had some of those great items.  The good news, for me at least, is that I know that by mid February I’ll have some of those items at little or no cost to me whatsoever.

New cars are a special treat also.  I know when I see the new car with the ribbon wrapped around it that it has little or no miles on it and the excitement of the person getting the car could be my opening to take it for a little ride.  They’ll probably run back into the house all cold and chilled after taking a quick look at it.  Chances are they won’t know how to set the alarm and I’ll be cruising away in my new ride in just a short time.  Thank you Mr. Santa!

Now if this little article doesn’t get your attention and make you more aware of what could happen this Christmas season I don’t know what will.

No, I’m not a crook.  I am someone concerned with those of you who perhaps haven’t given any thought to your safety and security not only of yourself but of your property.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.