For those who write on a daily basis with the aim of making residual income, it can be a rewarding feeling when Adsense informs you that you've earned .50 cents for a month's work. You might feel disappointed or appreciative depending on how long you've been writing online. For those who have had to juggle motherhood, family, work, friends, etc in order to be able to write on a regular basis, their main incentive is the Euros or the dollars if you prefer. You keep reading success stories but the successes seem to happen to everyone else. You would love to be able to write your own success story but that is just not working for you. What are you doing wrong? What are you not doing right? You start to question the usefulness of your endeavor. The more you think of it, how many people will still be writing if Google Adsense doesn't exist? So what does it mean to be tired? Merriam Webster dictionary says it means to be "drained of strength and energy, fatigued often to the point of exhaustion" that is what can happen to you after writing continuously for some time. You tend to lose focus and the initial excitement. At times you cannot even explain why you feel that way. Are you tired of writing? Has the thrill of writing left your veins? Why are you tired of writing? Do you still love writing but not the hassle of SEO writing and promoting you have to do?

Let us look into why you might be tired.

Too many articles: you are overly excited about making residual or passive income that you become obsessed with writing and not give you brain enough time to rest. The brain is not a machine, and even if it was, you would still have to call a downtime and schedule maintenance. Writing can be draining and there are days that you brain will just refuse to cooperate with you. You will have good ideas but you will find it very difficult to finish what you are writing. There isn't much you can do but to give you brain a break.

SEO Writing: When you stop enjoying what you write about, it becomes more challenging to keep it up. That is one of the problems with writing online. You need visibility to keep writing and search engines are your friends but they can also be your enemy if you become overly preoccupied with SEO oriented articles. If every sentence is optimize for search engines, it will probably stop making sense to you and writing will become more tedious. You will struggle with the passing of time and you might end of giving up writing. Search engines are the reasons why most of us continue to write but there is more to writing than search engine optimization.

Copying: Trying to copy what others do can be tiring. You need to find your own style and see where that takes you. If you haven't got it, it will always be a struggle. If all you could write about is paintings, art, love, etc. then try to be creative with whatever subject fascinates you. The more you learn about your passion the easier the words will come. If you can't find the words, take a break. Not everyone is gifted when it comes to writing. Some are very good with words whist other are just average writers. Once you figure out where you belong, make the most of what you've got.

Family and Secular Job: At times you might think you are tired of writing when in fact you are not. Circumstances surrounding you might make writing become a drudge. If and when you are able to sort out those situations, you will get the needed impulse to continue. It is very difficult to write with you mind filled with other issues. Not unless you are writing about your problems then that can be the needed kick to write. Those who write a lot tend to seek a quite surrounding in which to write. However, not everyone has that luxury.

First Year Syndrome: If you are just starting out, the first year can be daunting and confusing. You need to be persistent and weather the storm. Once you are over that stumbling block, it does get easier. The fact that it gets easier with time doesn't mean you have to sit on your laurels. There are new writers starting out and you will still have to compete to get ahead of the pack. You need to capitalize on the experience you have gained in your first year to for further, higher, deeper and achieve success as a writer.

Take a Break: If you have Adsense burned into your eyes it might sound counterproductive but you are allowed to take a break. Give yourself time to refocus and figure out where you want to go. It is not the end of the world. The break will enable you become a better writer. Taking a break is not only limited to writing. You need to take a break from work, you children, your husband, your wife and at times you need to take a break from yourself. That is why someone invented vacation. This is about the body and the mind. You will be surprise how a week away from it all can make you feel like a new born and ready to take on the challenges of online writing.

As mentioned above, the first year of writing is probably one of the most difficult. Once you are over the first year huddle, you would have learned a lot and be able to take advantage of the new you. The second year will be easier because you would have gained speed and your articles would have matured to start reaping the rewards of your hard labor. Until then, you will have to plod along like the rest of us. An online writer once said, "it took me one year to reach the first Google Adsense Payout". Can you imagine working for a whole year and not being paid a single cent? That is what online writing is about. Patience is your friend and persistent your key to continued writing and success.