I'm not just playing here!

If I haven't invited you, I don't want to see you.

I have no understanding of why people see working from home as being a hobby. Only this morning my own husband said to me that getting on line to work was merely some thing that was a bit of extra cash if I had time to do so. But should not rule my life.

So should I make him apply this to his job and see how his boss feels? I may not have a boss. But as my own boss, I am harder on myself than I would be allowed to be with any employee. Why? Because only self driven people can work for themselves successfully! Don't even bother trying to work for yourself if you are going to put less effort in to your work than if you were working in a job you hated.


Take cooking as an example. If you want some thing quick like a microwave meal,then those are the result you will get, a pathetic attempt at a meal. Same with working on line. If you expect to write a sentence and earn a fortune because you really can not be bothered putting any more effort in. Just unplug your computer now and save us the time of reading your painful attempts.

Uninvited callers are a pain


You will come across several types of people who do not realise the value of your work. These will be the likes of ;-

  • The stay at home neighbour on the social.  

This is the type of person that once she has got rid of her lovely children, she has nothing to do until at least 3 pm.

She doesn't have a man so does her housework when she is bored at night. She has all day to socialize, and you are at home and you have taken your children to school , so you are the same, right?

Well no actually love. I want to utilize my child free time to try and build a career on line. So that I can treat my children when they are off from school. Want any links? No , I thought not. Go away and watch Jeremy Kyle and leave me to work.


  • The husband/wife.

You do not leave the house in the morning or receive a wage slip weekly or monthly. You just drink coffee with your friends from baby group don't you?


No love. Actually remember that holiday we booked last week. Well guess who's earnings paid for that? Not yours!! So please respect my work and stop making out like I am playing on Facebook all day.


  • The mother

My mother is not of the age of computers. However she is not the oldest person in the world and the internet has let me make friends with people in their seventies. So being fifty two doesn't quite cut it with me that you are a technophobe. I however embrace change and am trying to look at employment. Please stop telling me to do the ironing. I do not get money out of my ironing board.

So what can you do about this?


What you have to do is be brutally honest with people. What would you do if you worked in an office and they walked in and started moaning about their bills or children?

You would have to tell them it was inappropriate and that you were working. So say this. Let them know that right now you are working and will call them back when you are free.


Show your partner your income. At first you may not have much of an income. In that case try and show them people s claims of proof of income from places like Google Adsense and Amazon.

Try and get yourself your own office space if this is possible. Even if it is a corner in your a room that is used for other things. A low traffic room is better.


value yourself.


If you do not value your work. How can you expect others to? Make sure you a lot yourself time to work and switch heads so to speak. Put your professional brain on. It really does help.


There are many more places to look for work.