I can not see 3D movies. In fact, I have never experienced 3D. Most of you would probably think that it is really sad, but honestly, I don't know what I am missing. Well, it wasn't a problem until a few years back when I realized at the movie theatre that I was the only one in the theatre not moving back and forth or side to side...I ended up falling asleep on my son's shoulder. I actually felt ostracized and still feel that way when we go to the movie theatre.

A few years back, major TV manufacturers came up with these 3D TVs. At that point, I knew that 3D was going nowhere, on the contrary. I really thought I was doomed...my family and friends kept buying 3D TVs, movies and kept inviting us on friday or saturday nights for a diner and a 3D movie.

I finally called my father (who is a physician). He had a hard time believing me at first because he didn't know anyone else who couldn't see 3D. But he ended up explaining that I was stereo-blind and that it was not irreversible.

Stereo blind? He went on and explained that I had a monocular vision and that by re-educating my vision (meaning, I had to go see an optometrist weekly!), I would eventually be able to see in 3D. I also found that it was not just the movies in 3D that I was not seeing. My eyes are only perceiving 2 dimensions, which means that I am not seeing the trees and the buildings the same way than you....my vision is somewhat flatter than yours. The way trees move, the perspectives of buildings, even faces are different through my eyes. It saddens me to know that I have waisted so much time. I could have started the re-education a long time ago and see this world in a whole new way.

But there is hope and I am consulting today an optometrist and it's giving me really bad headaches and sometimes migraines but I would do anything to see this world one day in 3D.

If you happen to be stereo blind like me, do not waste time, consult an optometrist as soon as possible. There is not age limit, that is a lie. You are not doomed and you do not have to be a child to re-educate your vision. It may take months, it is worth the pain and headaches.