There are times when you want to party and then there are times where you could do without the hangover.  Here are some excuses to use in order to get out of drinking when you are not in the mood.


One of the best reasons there is not to drink is to drive.  The reason this is so good is that not many people will argue with not wanting to drink and drive.  The drawback of driving is that you may end up acting as taxi which will involve leaving an hour later than you wanted to whilst your passengers say their drunken goodbyes.  Nevertheless driving is a great excuse not drink and a great way to get home at the end of the night.

Be a bad drunk

Be that guy that everyone is relieved is not drinking.  This will require being an idiot and possibly offending some people however this is the long game in terms of not drinking excuses so will take some commitment, just try not to annoy anyone too much that you don’t get invited back – unless that’s your actual aim, can’t drink if you’re not there.

Got something on the next day

Commit yourself to doing something the following morning – or at least say you have.  Think along the lines of a pre-planned personal training session or something that will require some physical exertion.  Just don’t commit to something and then cave under the pressure to drink.


Go paleo or something along those lines.  Paleo is a good one as it means no wheat, grains, refined sugar or a host of other things that are in alcohol.  In committing to a diet you will have a valid excuse not to consume alcohol, “it’s not that I don’t want to, I just can’t on this diet.”

Parents were alcoholics

If your parents were really alcoholics then you probably wouldn’t be in any rush to consume alcohol.  This will only work if the company you are in doesn’t know your back story however due to the touchy nature of the subject they are unlikely to probe too much when using this reason.  You could always say that you are an alcoholic but this might lead to some funny looks, stick with blaming the parents.

Never drink

If you never drink no one will expect you to or put pressure on you to do so.  You could always pretend never to drink with certain groups, for example as far as your work friends know you are tee total but with your other friends your happy to party, just don’t bump into anyone from work when you are out with your other friends.