As I was walking through our local indie record store that I so seldom visit, I looked over in the 'Rock-Pop' section and started to lazily flip through the rows of CD's. One came to my attention, it had the word 'RIOT' written all over it. As I looked at it closer, I noticed it was a Paramore CD. Before, I've never really heard of Paramore, but I've heard their hit song "Misery Business", but that was it. So I decided to purchase it. After the 15 minute drive home, I uploaded it on to my iTunes, then I went into my room to listen to it on my CD player.

It was love at first sound.

This is my opinion of the hit CD;

Track by track as the CD plays, each song grabbing a hold of your attention, and unwilling to let go. People may say that the best songs are "Misery Business", and "Crushcrushcrush", but one must look beyond what everyone says. Each song has deep meaning in it, but you can only listen to the true meaning, if you are willing to listen. If there was a score from 1 to 10, 1 being the worst, 10 being the best. I would give this CD an 11. That's how good it is. In this CD, the lead singer 20 yr/old Hayley Williams, really displays her amazing voice that matches the music 100%.

Personally I think the best part of the CD, is that all of the songs were written by band members Hayley Williams (vocals), and Josh Farro (lead guitar).

If I were you, I wouldn't be wasting my time reading my review, go out there and buy the CD, and experience it for yourself.