If you are a hardcore music lover than Zune HD is the answer for you!  I have owned my new player for a month and absolutely love it.  It gives me access to all my music with 16 GB of memory, and is able to store podcast, video podcasts and even connect to my HD tv and play movies and shows.  What a lot of people do not know about he Zune is how the subscription service works and makes it different than any other music or media device available in the world.  For $14.99 a month, you get access to all of the Zune music, and audio and video podcast library.  You also get 10 song credits per month(these are songs that you effectively purchase and have whether or not you keep the subscription)  this is basically like buying, or downloading one CD a month.  Rhapsody offers a similiar service but without the 10 permanent downloads, and definitly without Zune's wide array of music and podcasts.  To discuss the actual device itself, it has a 4.3" high definition screen, full touch with pinch to zoom screen, and is lightning fast.  It also connects to the internet anywhere via wireless connectivity.  This will enable you to browse the net on your Zune while sitting on your couch watching tv.  This has become an ever popular way for people to consume media, especially as the advent of the ipod touch, ipad, and countless tablets enter the market.  Another key selling point for the this device is how it seamlessly integrates with your Xbox 360 console.  For those of you who do not know both Xbox and Zune are brainchildren of their parent company Microsoft, the world's largest software company.  What this means is if you are playing Call of duty online and you want to hear some of your favorite music stored on your Zune, you have a couple different ways of accessing it.  You can either hardwire your Zune into your Xbox console, or if your Zune Library is on your Laptop or PC, simply connect wirelessly from the Xbox to the computer.  This will enable you to stream the music and jam all your favorite tunes while becoming the new Call of Duty hero, not bad at all.  Zune also seamlessly interfaces with Xbox live through its own seperate section on Xbox live.  Here, you can rent, buy or preview the latest movies, tv shows, music videos, and of course music.  One of the coolest parts is that when content some content is available in either SD(standard definition) or HD(High definition) for you to rent or buy.  Content is bought in the same way other items on Xbox live is with "Microsoft Points".  Zune does what itunes, Rhapsody and any other wannabe site cannot; deliver unmatched music selection, with unlimmitied access at an affordable price with  seamless integreation to the most popular gaming console and software system in the world.  In closing, if you are a true music, podcast, movie junkie like I am and are able to find a better “delivery system” for the media you love than the Zune HD, let me know!  I would love to give it a try!   Thanks for reading and thanks to Bill Gates(Microsoft’s founder) for keeping Zune HD alive!!!