Baby with blocked noses can't breathe easily

Boogers , Bogeys and snot monsters.

When our little babies come in to the world, we are waiting for an angelic cute bundle that is awaiting our love and nurture. We are expecting everything to be all fluffy and cute, so the last thing we want to see is our little cute baby struggling to breathe because they have a blocked up nose.

People don't want to really think of snot, bogies etc when thinking of having a new baby, it is however a major pain for most parents as nearly every baby seems to get the snuffles.

You need to remember that babies nasal passages are delicate and we don't want to damage anything, so please DO NOT use any stupid things any of your friends may suggest. Make sure anything you are ever recommended is safe.

Ways I don't think you should use to remove boogers are

  1. Q-TIPS Using a Q-tip, also known as a cotton bud. These could go too far up the nose and could also burst some of the blood vessels if not used delicately, so best to not use them at all.
  2. Tweezers  Tweezers are sharp, if the baby were to move whilst you had them inserted in to the nasal passage, you could cause damage to the delicate tissues inside the nose.
  3. Sucking bogeys out with your mouth Yeah, most people are retching at this and whilst it is not in any way harmful to the baby, it just seems grotesque to suck out mucus from a nose. After all, that mucus is full of germs and debris, that is its job.

Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator sold at Amazon

Nosefrida snot sucker for babies

The Nosefrida nasal aspirator is doctor recommended and non evasive, so a lot better than any of the above ideas on how to remove boogers from little noses. Even though the concept may remind you of the bulb syringe, this is far more efficient than its useless competition. 

Amazon sell the Nosefrida nasal aspirator for $19.95 with 20 filters, which I think is really good value for money.

Many customers are raving about this nasal aspirator, as it is easy to use and really clears baby's noses. Knowing your baby isn't going to throw up all over their cot because they were all blocked up is great piece of mind.

How the Nosefrida nasal aspirator works

The Nosefrida nasal aspirator is a test tube style syringe that is placed in the nostril of the baby. There is a thinner tube coming from the tip that has a filter in the middle. At the further end, there is a red mouth piece.

Holding the baby securely, place the tip to the nostril and suck in short, quick bursts to clear the nose. Don't worry, the filter is there to stop you getting any nasty boogers in your mouth( bleurgh).

One of the customers that have used the Nosefrida nasal aspirator had stated that it is better to have the baby sat as upright as you can and let gravity be your friend.

There you have it, easy! You can have piece of mind that your baby can breathe freely.