You may be thinking I need to make money right now, and you may be very overwhelmed at how to get started. Considering that you are searching the internet to find such information, I will assume that you might be interested in earning money online.

You've probably heard that making money online is easy, but is it? No, it's not that simple. Most everybody is looking for that mythic "turnkey" that will make insane amounts of money without any real effort being put forth by the person.

Hey, I'm not pointing fingers, I used to be just like that, always looking for free money that didn't require any work. Think about this, if all you needed to do was "plug into" a system, and then prop your feet up and get rich without making any kind of contribution to that system, why are you necessary to them? You aren't necessary to them.

I'm not trying to bust your bubble, and there are a lot of excellent ways to make money online. I just want to be honest with you, and have you realize that there's no magic method that's going to multiply your wealth while you do nothing yourself.

Maybe you really need to be able to start making money right now. You're wondering how long this might take. It's pretty quickly if you know what not to do. Knowing what to avoid will save you time and money because you won't be paying out for opportunities that don't make money.

The first thing to avoid is the turnkey systems I mentioned earlier that say they do all the work. If you happen upon a site that says it will make you rich without you lifting a finger, shut it down as fast as you can and don't waste time wondering about it.

Paid survey sites are another thing to stay away from. It may seem like a great way to make lots of money online, but they really don't pay you very well, sometimes not at all. Your "pay" usually consists of your name being submitted to a drawing for some substandard prize that you probably didn't want. And, the few times you make money, it's not much. This is what I, and many others as well, have noticed.

The surveys that have a good payout take an insane amount of time to finish, and there's very particular criteria you have to fulfill. The long and short of it is that paid survey are not worth your time, so don't bother with them.

I would also avoid anything that says data entry on it. The company gives you ads to type into different internet sites, and some will be free, but some are paid.

Then you wait for somebody to reply to your ad with their contact information, which you have to enter into the company's email form, and then you can expect to get paid maybe a dollar or two for each name you enter. The downfall is that the amount of money you make depends on how many people respond, and that's usually not many.

So, if you're looking to make more than a couple of dollars a day, stay away from the data entry and paid surveys. They make it seem so easy, but if it was that great, and that simple, everybody would be making tons of money doing it. The fact is that you're not going to find a free ride, especially not with these "businesses."

I would also suggest avoiding the paid blog systems that pay you for writing your blogs. They don't pay much per post, maybe fifty cents or a dollar, so you would have to make more than ten, possibly one hundred, posts every day in order to make a decent amount of money.

I've gone over several things that you should stay away from, and by now, you're probably tired of hearing what doesn't work, and want to know what does. However, I wasted a lot of time and money on gimmicks that didn't work when I first started out, and knowing what to avoid will keep you from making the same needless mistakes yourself.

Opportunities that can work include, selling actual products to wholesale merchants or drop shippers, developing your own information goods, selling on eBay, affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and the list just goes on and on.

The sky is your limit here. Just remember to stay away from the things I warned you about no matter what. So, if it's still running in your head, "I need to make money," go after some of the legitimate opportunities mentioned here, and then you'll make money.