Life will be fun if we get what we want, isn't it?? That big bungalow, a long car, lots of dollars in account, my own office, tik - tak of keyboard being punched in to raise my business high....Sounds Interesting!! Yummy!! But will I get it??? This is the questions which boggles all of us every now & then.. Ah!! Is it the Right Brain or the Left Brain.... God, so many thoughts run in one brain??

Well, the answer to all above is - YES!!

Life is actually FUN because we always GET what we WANT!! Unbelievable?? Let me explain... Can you just list down a few achievements / failures, happiness / tragedies, salt / sweet events which crossed through your life? Let's analyze them now... I wanted that car, I got it! I wanted that job, I got it!! I wanted to watch the movie - first day, first show... I got tickets!!! But hey, I never wished for that flat tyre in my car. And Yes I never wished to get caught in traffic & miss 15 minutes of the movies I had been yearning to watch.... This is not fun, isn't it?

Well Life is FUN because it takes shape based on the Fictions U Nurture (FUN) in your brain. Several thoughts run in our brain. Our brain is simple & not complex and hence it is unable to differentiate between a good thought or a bad thought, a positive idea or a negative idea and a Yes or a No. All our thoughts carry vibrations which spread out in universe around us. Each thought has its own wavelength & it marries other thoughts of similar wavelengths around us. We get what we wish. Sadly, brain doesn't have a meter to cross – check between our good & bad thought vibrations. As an obedient servant it just reads whatever we think, sends waves in space around & we see our fictions turn into reality.

"Law of attraction" is the magic formula on which our brain & hence our life works. Life gives us what we ask it to attract. Yes, I never wished for that flat tyre, but didn't the thought of flat tyre cross my mind? Yes, it did. I never wished for traffic coming between me & movie but yes I had a slight imagination of huge traffic on the road & hence was planning of which route to take to reach theatre quickly. Hmmm…. Sorry, Brain doesn't have a filter!! An obedient servant took your orders & made it happen for you. Life gave you the car but a flat tyre too…. You got movie tickets but were late as well. So YES Life is result of FUN!!

My friend be careful on what you think. A small thought can lead to bigger realities. Life is simple lets enjoy it. Control your thoughts - tame your ideas. Believe me, Life will be FUN!! LIFE IS FUN……….