I wanted a laptop. MacIntosh makes this simple by offering such a small number of choices. The cheapest thing they had out would have suited my needs exactly. People tell me their Mac's don't break down. The vile internet thugs who sent viruses around the internet seem to have bypassed the MacIntosh operating systems. I wanted that Mac. The item itself doesn't come with anything. Sort of like buying a car with no seats. It's the best engine under the hood. If you want to write a letter, though, you're going to have to consider loading your machine with a word processing program. Like buying a car, the cheapest way you'll ever do it is to put together the package before you drive off of the lot. By the time I figured in everything I would need to make the little lap top service my simple needs my price was up to nearly two grand.

I think of a "laptop" as a fairly generic term for any kind of portable computer. MacIntosh likes to make up it's own names. It's not a laptop, its a MacBook or an Ibook, or some kind of pad, if it folds in half and weighs the same as a briefcase. Laptops are different from Notebooks which are different from Netbooks, if you want to shop at Amazon.com. Each item has it's own search, and no, there isn't any way to combine the searches, at least at that site. I found myself wishing I could get all the parameters I wanted in one cache, except it was impossible. If I clicked on my price range it instantly included things that were stand alone computer. If I streamlined it to laptops, the netbooks were left out. If I searched by the latest operating system, which was the one I wanted, over three thousand things came up including accessories like carrying cases. Go figure.

I got out of Amazon and started searching the internet more openly, hoping for a good PC article on how to narrow the search. I found instead article that brought up parameters I hadn't even considered. Ethernet? Infrared? Number of docks? UBS Ports. Was there anyway to line up all the suspects in my price range for an across the board comparison? Apparently not. I tried opening 13 tabs. My connection was slowing to a crawl. I wasn't on dial up, but it felt like it, or worse. Ok so, which of these items had super saver free shipping?

I looked carefully at the brands I had never heard of before. Who would guess that some of these brands came out of China? The names didn't sound very Chinese. Japanese brands have friendly familiar names like Toshiba and Sony. Those companies weren't new, didn't seem like they would fold. In the world of computers may be new is good. Maybe the factory has been perfectly configured, explaining the low prices. The Acer brand I remembered from a long ago office stint. I didn't recall having any troubles with the computers we were using all day every day for our insurance business. That was twenty years ago, though, when things were supposed to last. If a computer will be outdated in a matter of minutes, there's no reason for its shell case to last more than two years.

Pick a sweet looking pink case, or a jewel colored red. It could match my eye popping lipstick and my Sally Hansen nails. I want to look tough when I walk down the street with it, especially because I didn't spring for the extra $15 carrying case.